Taxonomic Merge 69227 (Guardado el 18/01/2022)

Synonymy according to POWO, and Tropicos for names not included in POWO.

POWO (Referencia)
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Is there a reason why this merge hasn't been committed yet?

Publicado por pastabaum hace alrededor de 3 años

There was some concern when I drafted it:

Publicado por jameskm hace alrededor de 3 años

Ok, looks like it isn't that clear, thanks!

Publicado por pastabaum hace alrededor de 3 años

Thanks for the comment and the requests I have received to commit the drafted change. All of the names clearly refer to the same taxon, and following POWO I have committed the change to consolidate the taxonomy used here with POWO which accepts the taxon at the specific level as Cerastium holosteoides. This is in accordance with some (e.g. Flora of Austria, Czech Flora, Flora of Germany etc.) but not all regional floras (British Flora) and I hope the change is OK for the community here.

Publicado por andreas_berger hace alrededor de 2 años

added taxon framework

Publicado por epsilon hace alrededor de 2 años

This is an ongoing debate between POWO and some countries like Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland and UK. And of course not only with Cerastium but also with many other genera. There are lots of sub-taxa that are commonly used in guide books, threatened species evaluations, national databases and national vascular plant research.

But, nothing new under the sun.

Publicado por bodhiheera hace alrededor de 2 años

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