Taxonomic Swap 74600 (Committed on 2020-04-14)

Added by kitty12 on April 08, 2020 12:40 AM | Committed by kitty12 on April 14, 2020
replaced with


@kitty12 Would you mind committing the taxon swap? Or is there something you are unsure of? Thanks.

Posted by rileyfortierii about 2 years ago (Flag)

I am always hesitant to commit a swap that will affect close to 900 observations. However, it has been a week since it was drafted and yours is the only comment so far.

Posted by kitty12 about 2 years ago (Flag)

True, there were certainly lots of observations already. But I'm surprised it took this long for somebody to even draft the taxon swap, so thanks for making the change!

Posted by rileyfortierii about 2 years ago (Flag)

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