Taxonomic Swap 120179 (Guardado el 14/01/2023)

The genus Ketupa is embedded within the traditional Bubo, while Scotopelia may be embedded with the Ketupa group of species, or perhaps is sister to this clade (Salter et al. 2020, Wink and Sauer-Gürth 2021). Provisionally we recognize three genera: Bubo (Old and New World); Ketupa (tropical Afro-Asian, including some species formerly included in Bubo); and Scotopelia. Note that Ketupa is expanded to include eight species previously classified in Bubo; four of these (poensis, lacteus, nipalensis, and sumatranus) are confirmed by genetic data as belonging to the Ketupa clade, while the remaining four (shelleyi, coromandus, leucostictus, and philippinensis) are inferred to belong to Ketupa based on morphological similarities to species of the first group. The sequence of species of Ketupa is revised. (Because the name Ketupa is feminine, while Bubo is masculine, the correct formulation is Ketupa sumatrana; we became aware of this mistake too late to correct in the eBird/Clements spreadsheet, but we will revise the name accordingly in our 2023 release.)

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