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Folks, we are hiring, not one, but two positions on our team of nature nerds, and we'd definitely like to see some applicants from our own community.

UX Designer

Alas, Joelle decided to move on to greener pastures this summer, so we are looking for someone to fill her shoes. Our designer works with our team on a variety of tasks, including visual design, interaction design, user research, and visual asset development (e.g. icons, logos, promotional material). In the past, our designer has worked closely with engineers to develop and refine new features, and, like all members of the team, our designer participates in new product development discussions. Ideally, we're looking for someone with at least a few years of professional experience, and we'd prefer someone based in the San Francisco Bay Area (but will consider folks from elsewhere). Experience with visual and interaction design for software is a must, strength in information visualization and iconography a big plus.

Apply to be an iNaturalist UX designer

Software Engineer

We're looking for a coder with Javascript experience, particularly with React and React Native. This person would be pioneering the use of React Native for new mobile projects (particularly Seek), and most likely working on front-end React applications on the website. Knowledge of native iOS and Android development environments would very useful too, as would basic web development experience. Again, our preference is for candidates in the Bay Area, but we'll certainly consider folks from elsewhere (we all work from home most of the time, two of our staff are in the eastern US, and @budowski is an international man of mystery, so we're pretty comfortable with remotes).

Apply to be an iNaturalist software engineer

Anyway, if this sounds like you, please apply, and if it sounds like someone you know, please tell them to apply! And of course, please share on social media!

Also, the elephant seals barely visible in the background of the photo are not on the team. You don't get to work with elephant seals, sorry.

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Wish I were younger and more intelligent and made different life choices. Whoever is hired... I know they will be the best folks possible for the iNat community.

Publicado por connlindajo hace casi 6 años

This is exciting! Not that i'm qualified (and i can't be lured out of my Vermont wetlands anyway) but great to see iNat expanding!

Publicado por charlie hace casi 6 años

Oh, if only!

Publicado por star3 hace casi 6 años

Please add the names of the people in the photo!

Publicado por kcoxau79 hace casi 6 años

I agree with @kcoxau79 . Would love to know the ID's of these folks....
In fact, I had pointed out to my son earlier this evening that I had met an iNat originator in Austin TX. When I mentioned the name, he remembered corresponding with this guy regarding an iNat account for my granddaughter. Just wondering if my photo recognition is correct!

Publicado por connlindajo hace casi 6 años

@kcoxau79 and @connlindajo - See if you can match the people in this photo with our staff page here: Hint: one of us is not a rattlesnake. :-)

Publicado por tiwane hace casi 6 años

Hiring anyone with MA level international relation experience? Lol

Publicado por codyhough hace casi 6 años

I wish "Experience with visual and interaction design for software is a must" could be changed to "Interest in visual and interaction design for software is a must".

Publicado por colinpurrington hace casi 6 años

Ok, if my son (who worked at EA) could teach me all that stuff in a week or so, do you think I'd have a chance?

Publicado por mamestraconfigurata hace casi 6 años

No elephant seals?! Sorry--deal breaker.

Publicado por jeffreymichalsbrown hace casi 6 años

Sounds like there's also a space for an elephant seal, then? I could get my pinniped certification finished up pretty quick!

Publicado por sea-kangaroo hace casi 6 años

Originally I was going to lie about my qualifications in order to work with the Elephant Seals, but when I learned that I wouldn't actually be working with Elephant Seals I scrapped that plan.

Publicado por jpviolette hace casi 6 años

who cares about the elephant seals, someone try to key out that rhizomitous grass that @tiwane is kneeling on

Publicado por charlie hace casi 6 años

ohh man I wish you were hiring a Colombian Photographer, living in Ecuador and passionate about nature ;)

Publicado por likaon hace casi 6 años

I'd be happy to help you find some qualified candidates. Find me on Facebook or Linked In and I will share your job postings.

Publicado por rayosborne hace casi 6 años

wish I was related to these fields :( sniff sniff

Publicado por diegoalmendras hace casi 6 años

I'm applying! Hope to get a chance to meet you all. :)

Publicado por weekelpie hace casi 6 años

Call me if you big enough to need an own company doctor ;).

Publicado por martingrimm hace casi 6 años

Good Luck! A species density calculator would be nice.

Publicado por josephraymond hace casi 6 años

any posibility to hire someone who would make it possible for us iNtrlsts to upload more than one pic to aid identification of difficult species?

Publicado por maphisad hace casi 6 años

@maphisad When you're adding observations from the website, drag one photo on top of another photo to combine two or more photos into a single observation. You can also add additional photos by editing an existing observation --see the top right corner of this page where it says Edit, or you can also click the +camera icon underneath the photo.

Feel free to message me if you have questions. You can also ask questions at the iNaturalist Google Group!forum/inaturalist

Publicado por bouteloua hace casi 6 años

thanks @bouteloua, I always thought there must be a way lol

Publicado por maphisad hace casi 6 años

For those of you who are more scientists than devs / designers, there's also;jsessionid=755B728AA6DCDC2DAAA3873340145AA7?ajid=xbxZ8 (not on the iNat team, but close).

Publicado por kueda hace casi 6 años

Love iNaturalist & the work you all are doing! How does the software QA process work for your web & mobile apps? Do you have folks "in-house"?

Publicado por chelseahl hace más de 4 años

Uh, we're pretty unsystematic about QA, as I'm sure you're all aware. We're a nine-person team, so we don't have anyone fully dedicated to QA. We do internal testing before rolling out features that will affect a lot of people, and for the mobile apps we have beta programs that provide some info about potential issues, but aside from that, we just try to fix problems quickly... which never seems quick enough, but such is life.

Publicado por kueda hace más de 4 años

Love this honesty. With nine people, you do a great job @kueda. I would love to have more functions in the Apple App, but I do not need it. Thanks for all the things you do. (I couldn't help at all, for sure...)

Publicado por martingrimm hace más de 4 años

Are you still looking for someone with UI/UX design and React experience?

Publicado por jonathanr hace casi 3 años

@jonathanr, nope, we hired @abhasm and @albullington to fill those roles (which they have done and continue to do superbly, I might add) and aren't currently hiring. If you're interested in volunteering we have a number of open React-related issues on the website, and some issues in Seek too. If you'd like to write code, please read first.

Publicado por kueda hace casi 3 años

If at some point you're hiring a Data Scientist I would love to be part of your team of nature nerds.

Publicado por aramoni hace alrededor de 2 años

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