National Moth Week, July 21-29, 2018

Their relatives the butterflies usually get all the attention, but moths make up the vast majority (about 90%) of species of the insect order Lepidoptera and their abundance, diversity, and beauty are pretty staggering.

Even cooler is that many moths are famously attracted to lights (although nobody really knows why), which makes “mothing” - yes, mothing - an easy and fun way to see a bunch of cool insects and make some iNat observations. And now is a great time to do it because National Moth Week is coming up from July 21st - 29th and there are mothing events all over the world, so see if there’s one near you. If you can’t find one in your area, here are some tips for finding them, and iNat users @finatic and @damontighe have also shared their own DIY moth light set-ups here and here.

All moths observed during National Moth Week will be added to the main National Moth Week project and any relevant regional project. Big shout out to @jacobgorneau for taking the time and effort to set these all up!

And as if you needed more motivation, the iNat team always sets up moth lights during our retreats and we saw a beautiful Ceanothus Silk Moth this past March, a lifer for nearly all of us! Above is footage of @kueda taking some photos of it as well as a close-up of the moth the next morning.

If anyone has any mothing tips or stories, please write them in the comments below!

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Check our our recent blog post and video interview about iNat user @gcwarbler who, along with @hughmcguinness, used photos from iNaturalist to research and then publish an identification key for Cisthene moths!

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We’ll be ready in North Central TX to document some moths!
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