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05 de octubre de 2022

Nature Walk; October 5,2022

For this nature walk, I went to the Hammond Pond Reservation located about 2 miles off campus. The area was quite large and contained a lot of uncultivated wildlife. The weather was cloudy and rainy, and the temperature was mild (around 57 degrees), so the conditions weren't the best. Within some of the plants, but mainly on fallen tree trunks, I noticed some mushrooms and fungi. They fungi varied in color and size, and were higher up on trees, but also lower on the ground. The brighter colors were much more visible, but with a bit of searching I was able to find some of the smaller, more neutral colored mushrooms.

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18 de octubre de 2022

Nature Walk; October 18, 2022

For this nature walk, I went to the Pine Tree Reserve, along with the Chestnut Hill Reservoir located on the edge of campus. The weather was quite clear and the temperature was mild (around 60 degrees), which made the walk, and spotting organisms very easy and enjoyable. I noticed lots of different plants with a variety of characteristics, many of which had small flowers growing from them. There were plants of all sizes, from moss to large trees. As we approach mid-fall, it is clear that the trees and plants are starting to change and wilt a bit. The leaves on trees are changing colors, many leaves are already falling, and many plants are bare. As we start to approach winter, I am sure there will be changes to the plants and animals in this area that will be interesting to observe/document.

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