27 de mayo de 2022

Coyotes and Foxes Oh My!

In the last several weeks:

  • Coyotes have been reported sighted and heard at Heritage Park
  • Over here at the Donald Barn, a high-pitched bark and growl has been heard every few days in the Sabal Palm, Pineland, and Saw Palmetto brush towards the back of the property--we think this is likely a fox guarding a nest.

We'll see which of these I am able to record or photograph in the coming weeks and months!

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27 de marzo de 2022

Swallowtail Kite above the Donald Barn

Observed for the first time a Swallowtail Kite. The beautiful bird flew over the barn while I was sitting on the porch, and continued over the pond and cottage hammock. It was flying low, just over the house and canopy. Hopefully it'll be back and stay for a photo.

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04 de marzo de 2022

Early spring observations around the Donald Barn

Today new species were observed for the first time this year...

Small Pennant (likely a Halloween Pennant) http://www.wildsouthflorida.com/halloween.pennant.dragonfly.html

  • low flying in the field, moist section, didn't stop for very long at any one spot, buzzing about with White Peacocks

Belted Kingfisher http://www.wildsouthflorida.com/belted.kingfisher.html

  • observed with binoculars over the pond near a Great Egret. Stayed for a five minutes or so and then flew away

Red Admiral, by the pond on the northeast side

Common Buckeye, in the southeast field

Also observed was a large Sulphur (likely either Cloudless or Orange-barred).

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