22 de abril de 2024

How iNaturalist is Life Changing (Podcast Episode)

Like for so many, iNaturalist has been a life changer for me. It's a huge part of the equation that has set me on to devote my life to nature conservation.

I want to share how great iNat is and encourage more people to use it, so I've created a new podcast episode as part of my Jumpstart Nature organization:

#5: Every Observation a Discovery: How iNaturalist Changes Lives and Changes Science

This 20 minute episode shares insights and perspectives from three iNat super users, @joemdo @gyrrlfalcon and @catchang. It's jam-packed, fast moving, and hopefully entertaining! And it is narrated/hosted by Griff @griffith .

Our podcast audiences are generally "nature curious" people who are looking for inspiration to take their next step in helping the environment, i.e. generally people who aren't already using iNaturalist. So our goal was to inspire, and perhaps reveal some new ways to look at iNat.

Let me know what you think!

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20 de noviembre de 2023

South Bay Nature Meet-Up


I'm organizing a nature meet up Tuesday November 21, 7 PM, at Faultline Brewery in Sunnyvale, CA. Everyone invited is a "nature nerd", including folks from other iNat meet-ups and various other local nature groups. It's going to be pretty small and casual.

If anyone in my iNat follower list sees this in time, you are welcome to come out and join us! Please also sign up (link below) so I have a rough idea about how many people may show and can stake-out an appropriate space. Thanks!



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