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21 de noviembre de 2020

Matador WMA Christmas Bird Count 2020 - Friday December the 18th.

Speaking to the biologists on site, their Christmas Bird count is going to happen Friday December the 18th. If anyone has any interest in assisting I'm sure they would appreciate it. Plus if you happened to observe something other than a bird with a camera, I'm sure they would understand. They are not posting it to their Facebook page during the ongoing COVID concerns. However they will not turn down any help.

If previous counts I have helped with are any indication, social distancing is not an issue as each person and or persons in a vehicle are given their own area to canvas. The social distancing bio-blitzes are giant parties in comparison. As they generally meet at daylight at headquarters, assignments are made then you are free to roam all day or as much of the day as you can, then turn your sheet in at the headquarters when you are done.

If any are interested or know someone that is please copy them into this string. Thanks.

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