21 de noviembre de 2020

Matador WMA Christmas Bird Count 2020 - Friday December the 18th.

Speaking to the biologists on site, their Christmas Bird count is going to happen Friday December the 18th. If anyone has any interest in assisting I'm sure they would appreciate it. Plus if you happened to observe something other than a bird with a camera, I'm sure they would understand. They are not posting it to their Facebook page during the ongoing COVID concerns. However they will not turn down any help.

If previous counts I have helped with are any indication, social distancing is not an issue as each person and or persons in a vehicle are given their own area to canvas. The social distancing bio-blitzes are giant parties in comparison. As they generally meet at daylight at headquarters, assignments are made then you are free to roam all day or as much of the day as you can, then turn your sheet in at the headquarters when you are done.

If any are interested or know someone that is please copy them into this string. Thanks.

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15 de diciembre de 2018

Matador WMA Christmas Bird Count 12/22/2018

I know its short notice, but I thought I would send a note about the Christmas Bird Count at Matador Wildlife Management Area on Saturday December 22nd. Matador WMA is located between Childress and Paducah in Cottle County just west of Highway 62 on County Road 3256.

We will meet at the office at 7 am on the 22nd to go over birding locations. There is usually only the staff and a few volunteers (about 10 folks total on a good day) to cover the WMA's 28k acres. I will be in that area and am going to pitch in, partly to try to get pics of one of the Short-eared Owls that winter there and partly because I look for any reason to go there. They are also hoping to document Chestnut-collared Longspurs on the WMA as they have been seen in the County in the recent past.

As the initial meeting is early in the morning, Paducah is about 10 miles south and has a single small hotel (converted old funeral parlor... not making that up) and Childress is about 28 miles north and on 287, they have several hotel/motels of the recognizable national brands.

The week appears to be mild and dry, so I'm sure there will be observations to be made other than birds. As mentioned, I know it's short notice especially with the holiday, but maybe the families have come in early and some of you are looking for an excuse to escape for a day... Ha!

If anyone has any questions, let me know and I will get some answers. Copy anyone that you may think would be interested.

PS.. Here are the current Obvs in Cottle County for those interested.

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25 de octubre de 2018

Sally for a salamander

It's a cool damp day, would be a good day to locate a Small-mouthed Salamander for Brent.... Just saying. @brentano @sambiology

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21 de julio de 2018

Ozark/Buffalo National River Arkansas Run

I am most probably making a run up to the Upper Buffalo National River/Northern Ozark area of Arkansas the week of August 6th and thought I would throw it out here to see if anyone had an interest in joining in at some point. I know it's short notice, but figured I would throw this out here and see if anyone has any interest of exploring outside of Texas. I will be going that way regardless. I thought it may be novel to NOT be the only one taking pictures of any and everything I see whilst roaming there.

The area is full of trails, both long and short, that are mostly very well shaded with cool water mountain streams and rivers always close by. Plus the added draw of grotto's, waterfalls and the odd small cave (which are some of the few open in the Ozarks outside of show caves). Which are all a big draw to me right now with this lovely "balmy" weather we are currently enjoying in TX.

I tend to sleep in Jasper Arkansas and iNat around the Newton County area, up and down the Boxley Scenic Drive area to Ponca and over to Jasper. I always seem to find something new every time I hit the area. Here's my obv's so far.

Yes, I know I have a salamander problem.... And there is a small pond in the Henry Koen Experimental Forest that was loaded with Spotted sally egg masses early in the year, that I want to check back on. I haven't hit the odonata's as hard as I should have in the area, not to mention the plants (shush @sambiology), as I tend to get sidetracked on the herps (I still need to find a Pygmy Rattlesnake there).

Jasper is a small town with a few small family run hotels that tend to cater to hikers, canoers and bikers. Not the Ritz, but bed and showers type places, plus a couple of good cafes in town. There is also the Steel Creek campground next to Ponca for any that may prefer a tent.


Copying many that I have meet over the course of the last year or so as well as many of those that will be mothing this week. I'll be at Strawn Friday and Saturday am if anyone wants to chat in person or respond here if there is any interest.
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P. S. What I would really like, if there were two or three folks who were adventurous and not claustrophobic who may want to spend a day over in Stone County at Blanchard Springs Caverns Recreation area about an hour and a half east of Jasper. The cave is managed by the US Forest Service and is amazing. I have been on the basic Dripstone Trail in the cave as the longer Discovery Trail is only open from June to August due to the bats that hibernate there. But I'd like to go on the Wild cave tour to see if we can turn up any troglobite species. I was fortunate enough to get shots of an Ozark Blind Grotto Salamander and a species of troglobite Harvestman on the upper short trail. But from what I understand this cave has pseudoscorpions, a type of beetle and other "creepy crawlies" further in.... Speaking to a couple of the rangers who work the cave, they have also seen the occasional cave crawfish. The area surround the cave and spring is amazing and has lots of observation opportunities as well.

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