End of Observations - Hong Kong Inter-School City Nature Challenge

Dear All,

This is a little update on what's happening!

Observations for this competition will stop at midnight tonight (8th Nov, HK Time).
We are truly amazed by the response we've had!

Now, they will have 5 days to add an identification to their observations and to 'tidy up' their projects then I will do the final Observations, Species and Observers count.

I have told the teachers that it would help the iNaturalist community if their students added some sort of ID to their pictures, especially to those that have no ID yet e.g. 'Insect', 'Bird' 'Beetle' in the 'What did you see?' section. We would really appreciate it if you could continue IDing these observations whenever you can. :)

I have also asked them to delete the following:
1) Domestic Animals e.g. Dogs, Cats,
2) Selfies
3) Indoor potted plants (including greenhouse plants).
4) Small outdoor potted plants

For plants, I have mentioned that a good rule would be to look at the observation and ask 'Is this part of the urban habitat?' 'Does this plant interact with other organisms?'. If the answer is No, then it must be deleted. They know that I, and other iNaturalist users, can not delete these pictures, only the Observer can.

I have also stressed the importance of iNaturalist as a fantastic database of global biodiversity and we all have a responsibility to make sure that this database remains valid and relevant, otherwise the database will be diluted. I'm sure many of our participants will do their best.

For all of you that have spent your time and energy offering IDs for our students competing in this challenge, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks. We never expected this many observations (a HUGE understatement!!!) or observers yet I'm sure that some of the comments and IDs that you have given will empower some of our participants to continue this journey.


Project: www.inaturalist.org/projects/hong-kong-inter-school-city-nature-challenge
Details: www.hkiscnc.org

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Thank you for the update! It'd be great if you could let us know when the final counts have been made.

Publicado por edanko hace más de 5 años

I think those teachers(do they have?) lead not sure what should students look for (or that's too risky to bring them to go somewhere too rural, too precious to spend their lesson time in weekdays).
This event is rather an observation of hong kong ornamental plants in urban areas... most of them are highly duplicating or obviously cultivated. if a clear up is really needed 90% or more should be deleted. however, i think that's still a good start for the young one to explore more on themselves in the future.

Publicado por morimami hace más de 5 años

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