DAY 1 - Hong Kong Inter-School City Nature Challenge

Dear All,

Firstly, thank you so much for the positive messages of support for this competition. We've had a great first day and we're actually on course to beat Hong Kong's totals for the City Nature Challenge last April!

As mentioned before, a big part of this project is to nurture student's awareness, engagement and enthusiasm for Hong Kong's amazing biodiversity and to help them contribute to our growing urban biodiversity database. There may inevitably be (and there have been!!!!) pictures of poor quality, inaccurate identifications and maybe even the odd selfie (!!!) yet, if you wish to leave a comment for them, please be constructive, encouraging and positive. For example: That's a great pic! Keep Going! Next time, try zooming in a little bit more, it would really help us to identify it!.

They more they know, the more they will care.

Also, please join the Hong Kong Inter-School City Nature Challenge project and help our students!



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Publicado el noviembre 5, 2018 09:27 MAÑANA por shellfishgene shellfishgene


Quite a lot of students posted multiple species photos in a single observation (this make the observation count lower than actual!)
Is there any effective way to promo (eg to the teachers that leading students in this event) better posting habit?

Publicado por morimami hace más de 5 años

Another issue is about captive/cultivated organisms. They told that the organisers allowed them to upload observations of non-wild organisms. To precisely reflect biodiversity of Hong Kong, those plants and animals should not be included in the competition.

Publicado por charliev hace más de 5 años

Thanks for your comments guys. :)

Publicado por shellfishgene hace más de 5 años

one clear point on the identifications is to do with the iNat suggested indentifications being taken by the observation submitter as correct. It should be impressed upon the observers and their teachers to check and question all identifications of the iNat AI....... as HK hasn't enough material for the software to pick most of the species here. There is heavy North American bias.

Publicado por hkmoths hace más de 5 años

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