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21 de abril de 2021

Walton Georgia Reptiles: Eastern Ratsnake Animal Control Call

Spring has arrived! It is one of my favorite seasons, not because of the change in weather, but because of the emergence of our reptilian neighbors. I’d been waiting for our first animal control snake call to come over the radio from 911, ready to spring into action.

Eastern Black Rat Snake coiled on a log in Georgia woods
© Photographer: William Wise | iNat Observation: 74289588

Toward the end of March, it came. “Meet complainant in Loganville reference six foot snake in the garage.” Upon arrival, I was met by a gentleman that signaled me toward his neighbor’s house with a greeting of, “I think it’s a King Snake!” My excitement level was raised at the prospect.

Entering the garage, an elderly gentleman and his wife pointed toward a five-gallon bucket in the corning. Wrapped around the edge was a nice Eastern Ratsnake. Hanging down from my hand, the homeowner took a photo and heaped all sorts of blessings upon me and my family. It was probably just over four-feet long.

Eastern Ratsnakes are the most common snakes I pick up on animal control calls. This caller’s home was surrounded by beautiful woods and natural landscaping. No wonder this Ratsnake wanted to live there! We have a brief photo session before releasing him to a less inhabited area. ​

Friday, March 26, 2021. Walton County, Georgia.

  • Mostly cloudy, with a high near 80.
  • Sunrise 7:30 am; Sunset 7:51
  • Daylight Hours: 12 hours, 21 minutes (+2m 6s)
  • Moon: 94.7% Waxing Gibbous
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22 de abril de 2021

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! A collection of nature and wildlife photography celebrating the biodiversity of God's creation. Photographed in 2020 by William Wise Photography. Most locations in Georgia, USA.

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