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21 de junio de 2023

Texas Birding Spark

A look back at photos from June 21, 2012 from one of my annual trips to Driftwood, Texas to visit my parents...

White-winged Dove
© Photographer: William Wise | iNat Observation: 20137281 - White-winged Dove; Hays County, Texas. June 21, 2012.

I have to admit, at this point in my life, birds weren't much of an interest for me... yet. My passion was herping; rock-flipping for snakes and lizards. The biggest thrill would be to find a hefty Texas rattlesnake. But mostly because of a longer zoom lens, a spark of excitement began to grow for the avian kind on this trip. Instead of keeping my lens pointed at the deer and reptiles, birds began to take the spotlight. I recall sitting and watching the hummingbirds feed in the lantanas when a brilliant red Summer Tanager appeared nearby. From this point forward, birds began to appear much more regularly in my photo journals.

Red-winged Blackbird
© Photographer: William Wise | iNat Observation: 20138525 - Red-winged Blackbird; Hays County, Texas. June 21, 2012.

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