Michael J. W. Carr

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I dump a lot of bulk observations and usually do higher taxonomic ID's to get through slow response times from the upload feature

Virginia Master Naturalist and Entomologist currently enthralled with New World Lucanidae. I'm currently working on better understanding the distribution and habitat preferences for Lucanus elaphus and L. capreolus in Virginia. I am also interested in their larval ecology and dispersal/colonization capacities.

I really just want to dig into dead logs

I studied Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Sustainability at George Mason University, graduating in 2020. I have worked for the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, the National Ecological Observatory Network, and the Oak Spring Garden Foundation.

Virginia >>> New Mexico

Looking at birds, herps, and bugs will always occupy my time. Trying to learn my plants and fungi.

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Instagram: @Learning_Lucanidae @hungry_opossum

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