Michael J. W. Carr

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Naturalist & Entomologist | Sustainability Specialist for Santa Fe County
I enjoy reviewing regional plants, birds, and insects with a newly found fondness for plant galls, leafminers, and plant diseases

Research Associate for the Virginia Outdoors Foundation
Social Media Team Member for The Coleopterists Society

B.S. Environmental Sustainability & Conservation Biology from George Mason University

My academic work currently relates to understanding the ecology and distribution of the American Giant Stag Beetle, Lucanus elaphus in the Mid-Atlantic Area, Saproxylic Insect ecology of the Bull Run Mountains, and developing native beetle cultures for larval description/ecology work.

My professional duties include developing nature-based climate solutions for the Santa Fe, New Mexico area. I am passionate about creating healthier soils, preserving biodiversity, and incorporating green infrastructure into urban design.

Virginia -> New Mexico

I am working towards research projects on Southwestern Lucanidae, plant-insect interactions, and forest ecology. I would love to have the time to prepare an insect reference guide for New Mexico.


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