Alex Wilson

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I'm particularly interested in native plants, trees, bees, wasps, and bats. I'm learning more about native bees of the Pacific Northwest and how to better support them.  I'm a member of the Washington Native Bee Society, participate in the Xerces Society PNW Bumble Bee Atlas, participate in the Washington Bee Atlas, and I am participating in Oregon State University's Master Melittologist Apprentice Program.

Most of my identification help is focused on completing annotations of native bees. If I'm familiar with a bee and have keyed it out, I may provide a suggested identification or leave a message with some ID pointers I noticed.

If you're interested in bees found on the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas, become a member of the project "Native Bees of the Olympic Peninsula Region:"

Track bees found in Washington by becoming a member of the project "Washington Native Bee Society:"

I have experience with plants and animals in New England, South Florida, Georgia, Northern California, and the Pacific Northwest.

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