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Chloe and Trevor Van Loon here, just two naturalists, exploring and learning our way through the incredible diversity of species that surrounds us, both in our backyard and in our travels! Chloe has a BS in Ecology and is a Certified California Naturalist (2021), and Trevor is just simply nuts about nature. We strive to find and learn about all the bugs, birds, botanical gems, and anything else we can photograph. We love a good rare plant hunt.

Starting in 2020 we became nomads and have been traveling around British Columbia and California wherever nature is thriving! So that meant the Mendocino coast in December to catch prime fungi season and in early spring down to Joshua Tree to hunt for desert wildflowers. So far we've stayed in over 20 locations, but the adventures continue!

We are always interested to contribute to citizen/community science projects as well as share our photography. So if a photo piques your interest, or you think we could help with a project (i.e. documenting/surveying, collecting data, or specimens) please reach out!

Thank you to everyone who identifies our observations! We learn a great deal from all the incredible experts that take the time to help us put a name to what we've observed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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