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Taking a break for personal reasons.

SCP-10423 'Jazzmaster' / anomalous cryptozoologist / anonymous necromancer / autistic completionism / compulsive over-explainer / bunch of kittens / normal guy

If a picture I upload sucks and is unable to be identified, please comment that and let me know. I will delete it. I give everything a shot in case it's able to be IDed but sometimes the quality is too poor. Please let me know if that's the case. It won't offend me. I delete observations frequently if I feel it is better to.

Feel free to tag me for assistance on flags or IDs. I like to help.

Currently trying to review every cat observation. ~ 18,805 left

One of the many resources for stray and feral cats of WNY. Please reach out if there's a location you need a similar resource for. :)

Please refer to me by username, if you must refer to me at all. I operate under a pseudonym for a reason, just not the one you think.

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