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I am a 13 year old multispecies angler from southeastern Michigan. I enjoy fishing in different places and seeing what I can catch, and I use inaturalist to keep track of those fish (unless I am catching a million bluegill or pinfish and I am tired of taking a picture of all of them). As I got older I fished in many ways, like jigging for walleye, casting a spinner or road runner for bass and crappie, and simply using a worm to catch bluegill. Later I began to learn more about the fish, and I wanted to try to catch even more types of fish whenever I could. As I learned about these fish I caught some really cool fish that live in my area like the Spotfin Shiner, Hornyhead Chub, Common Logperch, Northern Sunfish, and Western Blacknose Dace. My current fishing life list is in iNaturalist. It includes all of the fish hat I have caught in my life. I am working on adding to it as often as I can. I like fishing with lures a lot because it feels extra rewarding when you land a fish without needing bait. Some of my favorites are Casting Spoons, In Line Spinners, Curly Tail Grubs, Tubes, Shrimp Jigs, Twitchbaits, Trout Magnets, Hard Swimbaits, Poppers, Pompano Jigs, and Jerkbaits. I enjoy trying to catch as many species as I can, but I also enjoy chasing a master angler.

Fishing Life List

Chasing a Master Angler

I identify north american fish on iNaturalist. Over time I have been improving my ID skills so I do tend to make some misidentifications, but I am always getting better. Fish I am most familiar with when it comes to identification include Groupers, Mullets, Snappers, Grunts, Sunfishes, Crappies, Porgies, the Drum family, Jacks, Weakfishes, Pompanos, and Mackerels. If you ever need an Identification for a north american fish, feel free to tag me and I will help at the best of my ability, and if I make a mistake, I will fix it.

Despite how much I am into fish, I also enjoy birding. When I go to a place that is not my home area, I am constantly on the lookout for birds that I do not typically see. I recently got into bird photography, and I usually post the pictures I take on iNaturalist (if I feel like it). All wild birds I have found are in my Full life list.

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Other things I like to do are Track, Cross country, Baseball, and Basketball.

I am also a huge detroit lions fan🦁🏈

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