Rockwall -- another bioblitz! This time at a larger park with more habitats... November 4th, Harry Myers Park.

Several folks showed up for the September 15 survey at a new nature park in Rockwall (, and we're continuing a mission to document as many species in Rockwall county as we possible can! :)

On November 4th from 9:00 am until noon or so, we'll go to Harry Myers Park to document stuff. It will hopefully draw a few people from the public too -- I'll give a presentation on how to use iNaturalist to whomever shows up, and we may guide a few folks on how to make some observations.

Not too much has been documented from the park so far:

It's a pretty nice park -- about 60 acres with several recreational spots, but LOTS of nature-y spots too... There are a few ponds, some forested areas, a restored prairie, and a nice creek. Here's the location: (815 East Washington, Rockwall, Texas 75087)

Why are we doing this? We want to show people that diversity exists here and that land management decisions need to address wildlife and habitat. The only way to do this is with empirical evidence of the presence of biodiversity -- in this case, we'll use iNat observations to show how many species are in this area. Park board, city council, and other decision makers in Rockwall are watching this. Hopefully you'll join me! :)

Tagging these folks that have been to local bioblitzes before -- feel free to tag others that you think may be interested too:
@taogirl @cgritz @kimberlietx @bob777 @annikaml @aguilita @tfandre @suz @naturenut @denver @wildcarrot @andyk @mchlfx @itmndeborah @zooga1961 @charley @dfwuw @butterflies4fun @tadamcochran @brentano @jblinde @atassin @kalamurphyking @walkingstick2 @squaylei2000 @rmorgan @daniel112 @rehb @galactic_bug_man @fiddleman @gaberlunzi @mertmack1 @phlank @oddfitz @brenledbetter @cwd912nb @lulubelle @cameralenswrangler @briang @jwn7882 @diatomwu @k8thegr8 @cosmiccat @nickmdal @interlibrarylowe @katelyn3 @spqnancy @kimberlywalks @naturemom @shutterpug @spteng
Again, no obligations to join, but it should be some fun! :) Let me know if you have any questions or concerns too.

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@brentano @brentano @brentano @brentano @brentano @brentano @brentano @brentano @brentano Just making sure Brent saw that he got tagged. :P

Publicado por kimberlietx hace más de 6 años

Haha, very funny @kimberlietx i would have totally missed it.

Publicado por brentano hace más de 6 años

Oh man! I won't make it this time, I'll be out of state. Someone be sure to find lots of spiders for me!! :)

Publicado por wildcarrot hace más de 6 años

Awesome! Unless something comes up, I'll be there. @mikeintyler

Publicado por cosmiccat hace más de 6 años

I will definitely be there this time. I can't come up with someone else to tag so I will also tag @brentano since it sounds like he needs some extra attention! :-D

Publicado por annikaml hace más de 6 años

Can't make this one. Wish I could.

Publicado por mertmack1 hace más de 6 años

I'm out of town for this one.. I'm hoping for some of these we can do Spring bioblitzes too!!

Publicado por butterflies4fun hace más de 6 años

I'm going to try my best to be there!

Publicado por atassin hace más de 6 años

Looks like I'll be able to make it!

Publicado por bogslogger hace más de 6 años

Ugh, will not be able to make this one as I will be out west on the Rolling Plains next weekend...

Publicado por oddfitz hace más de 6 años

I'm planning on being there! And, @wildcarrot, even though spiders are my biggest phobia, I'll focus on those for you! You'll have to ID them when I post them, though. ;-)

Publicado por naturemom hace más de 6 años

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