City Nature Challenge 2018: Hong Kong

Hi All,

This is a little reminder about the ‘City Nature Challenge 2018’. We hope you can all take part!

Hong Kong has entered a competition with over 65 cities worldwide and all participants have to do is take photographs of nature (trees, plants, insects, birds, fungi, fish, reptiles, rocky shore/mangrove sps etc) and upload them onto iNaturalist. The CNC will be judged on the number of observations, number of species identified, and number of participants

This is great for you and other iNat users as you will be involved in a worldwide project to increase engagement with nature! This is great for Hong Kong as it showcases our amazing biodiversity, increases the ecological record and fulfils many of the aspects of the Hong Kong Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan.

Plus.….we want to win!!.

I'm tagging you because you're one of the top observers/identifiers in Hong Kong, and we'd love your help with the City Nature Challenge! The project encompasses ALL of Hong Kong (waters included) and we need people out there making observations, finding species, and helping to ID the observations coming in.


Friday 27th April - Monday 30th April

Go out and make observations for the CNC 2018 in any activity (research, data collection, nature walk, mini-bioblitz, etc) already planned. Also, please encourage students, colleagues, clients and friends to participate.

Tuesday 1st May - Thursday 3rd May

Assistance in identifying species on the iNaturalist project.

Many local organisations/institutions will be doing CNC activities during these dates and I shall advertise these on the Facebook Event page to keep you all updated. Perhaps you can join one of them! There will also be a couple "ID Parties" happening May 1-3, I'll post them looking for people to attend once they're scheduled.

Main Website:
Facebook Event Page:
CNC-HK iNat Project:

Thanks in advance for your help with the City Nature Challenge! Feel free to write comments & tag others you'd like to see here!


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