City Nature Challenge 2018: Hong Kong - Identification Party

Dear All,

Only a month to go and, once again, until the City Nature Challenge! It's shaping up to be a great 4 days and we really appreciate the energy and effort that will (hopefully) put Hong Kong's amazing biodiversity on the global stage. Please join the 'City Nature Challenge 2018: Hong Kong' project if you haven't already done so!

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Facebook Event Page:
CNC-HK iNat Project:

The dates of the competition are from April 27-30th. In the three days afterwards (May 1st-3rd), we have time to sort through the observations; weed out any inappropriate ones (mainly my job) and identify the ones that are left as much as we can.

The main organisers have suggested that each city hold an 'Identification Party' so that we can make it a fun experience (!) and less laborious. Many of you have mentioned that you could lend a hand with identification and, again, I really appreciate any time that you spend on this. WWF-HK have kindly lent us their meeting room at their Central offices on May 2nd.

If you wish to 'join the party!' and meet other iNat users and representatives of local biodiversity organisations and institutions, please let us know by registering, letting us know when you may come and how long you can stay for.

Date: Wednesday 2nd May, 2018
Time 10am-6pm
Venue: WWF Central Offices, 1 Tramway Path, Central
Refreshments: Food and Drinks provided.

Also, if you intend to help with identification but are UNABLE to come to this party, please let me know also. When the CNC is over, I wish to give credit where it is due.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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Can't wait :D

Publicado por portioid hace casi 6 años

Hi Shaun,

Thank you for putting things together! We are all looking forward to it!

There is a spider expert, Mr Bourgeois Alexis, from France having a short-stay at Mai Po for Hong Kong's spider. He is keen to help out for the spider ID for CNC Hong Kong.

However, he will be leaving Hong Kong on 25 April, but he would be able to do it through iNat app.

I will send an email to Alexis and line you up.

Alex - WWF

Publicado por bfspoonbill hace casi 6 años

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