Hong Kong Inter-School City Nature Challenge

Dear All,

I have tagged you as you are the top 100 identifiers for the Hong Kong territory....and we need your help!

Following on from Hong Kong's amazing success in the City Nature Challenge, we have organised a similar competition focussing on Hong Kong's secondary schools. Between 5th and 8th November, students from over 25 secondary schools will be making observations of nature around their school campuses on iNaturalist and they will need your help to offer identifications.

A big part of this project is to nurture student's awareness, engagement and enthusiasm for Hong Kong's amazing biodiversity and to help them contribute to our growing urban biodiversity database. There may inevitably be pictures of poor quality (and maybe even the odd selfie!!!) yet, if you wish to leave a comment for them, please be constructive and positive.

Please join the Hong Kong Inter-School City Nature Challenge project and help our students!

If they know more, they will care more.


Details: www.hkiscnc.org

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Publicado el octubre 30, 2018 06:48 MAÑANA por shellfishgene shellfishgene


Excellent, please count me in!

Publicado por stephenmatthews hace más de 5 años

Thanks Shaun, I'll be glad to help on any dragonfly-related or other insect observations.

Publicado por briangooding hace más de 5 años

Of course, I'm always happy to help for education!

Publicado por cynthiayau hace más de 5 años

happy to help out!

Publicado por tommyhui hace más de 5 años

some school has wonderful plants in their campus really looking forward to :D

Publicado por morimami hace más de 5 años

Excellent!.......I 'll help in the field of HK plants and moths!

Publicado por chanddgreen hace más de 5 años

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