'IDing party' for Northeastern Drone Flies

Hello everyone! There are currently 5,211 Eristalini that need ID in the northeast. Let's work together to chip away at these!

Let the fun begin! Let us know in a comment if you're joining and you'll get updates... even a couple IDs here and there count! And of course, feel free to start a discussion if you find a particularly challenging or interesting one.

You can join in at https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?taxon_id=364082&place_id=7590%2C6883%2C13336%2C7289%2C7587%2C6853%2C9116%2C13%2C44%2C3%2C38%2C24%2C32%2C35%2C26%2C29%2C20%2C31%2C7%2C33%2C39%2C4%2C42%2C51%2C48%2C52339%2C5

A guide to common species is posted at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1PUPWRskkZh2Fjaf5W2dlgWO_52HBw0H_ZrY0tc_qru4/preview

@upupa-epops , @trinaroberts and I have been tossing around ideas for communal ID initiatives either on Discord, group video sessions, or as it turns out thru journal posts in this project. If you have thoughts on any of these options please leave a comment or message me.

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I am trying to help out, within the limits of my knowledge.

Publicado por susanhewitt hace más de 3 años

Nice to have you Susan! I see the number of needs ID observations have gone down to 5,044 since I created this page.

Publicado por edanko hace más de 3 años

A modest decrease to 4,989 !

Publicado por edanko hace alrededor de 3 años

I ran through a bunch in Brooklyn. If I get time I'll try the other boroughs.

Publicado por elharo hace alrededor de 3 años

That's awesome @elharo ! Great to have you.

Publicado por edanko hace alrededor de 3 años

Hello, I'd like to join in! I may need to ask for some assistance, this is a new group of insects for me but I'm glad to learn.

Publicado por harlem_naturalist hace casi 3 años

Awesome, looking forward! We haven't been active in this thread for a while, but I've still continued going thru and identifying, along with many others... there are only 1595 needs ID left!!

There are some updated identification tools at https://sites.google.com/view/flyguide/eristalini

Publicado por edanko hace casi 3 años
Publicado por zdanko hace casi 3 años

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