Observation Highlight of the Week: Calostoma lutescens

Observational Highlight #4: Calostoma lutescens (Calostoma)
Virginia Outdoors Foundation - Bull Run Mountains Natural Area Preserve

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This week's highlight is of the collared calostoma (Calostoma lutescens, oh how I love it when common and scientific names overlap) observed by preserve visitor and iNatuarlist user @pgwamsley

This remarkable looking fungus was observed just about two months ago on our south section trails. This isn't to say that the opportunity to see them has passed. Just last week another cluster of collared calostoma was observed by @sammie10 ; You can view her observation here.

But let's start digging into what this peeled orange of a mushroom really is!

The collared calostoma is a member of the gasteroid fungi which is characterized by producing spores inside of their fruiting bodies, as opposed to on external structures like the gilled mushrooms. Now, the taxonomy of fungi, or even mushrooms, is something of a wonder in itself. The taxonomic history of this species has been spicy with revisions moving it across classes. The species is currently suspected to be evolutionarily related to the Boletales clade of mushrooms, which include more commonly recognized "mushroom" forms.

The species is Mycorrhizal, or rather in a mutually symbiotic relationship, with oaks. They can grow along or gregariously, such as in the illustrated in our observation here! They are distributed across the eastern United States from Arkansas to Massachusetts, and specifically abundant in the southern Appalachians. As appetizing as the fried egg look-alike mushroom is, it isn't considered edible.

Thanks again to all our visitors who continue to document the amazing diversity our natural area preserve protects!

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