Bombus affinis

Here is part four, on identifying Bombus affinis from some similar species. Updated to Google Slides.

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Great detail and pics. A great resource.

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This part is now updated to Google slides

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hello there! sorry I totally vanished for a while, my health tanked completely.
wondering if we could work together to create some compilations of resources -- basically a journal post Table of Contents sorted by taxon, linking to posts within iNat and by iNatters.

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@trh_blue Sure I can help out with that, I don't know of many but I do of a know of a Bee guide or two, and I just found a Red-tailed Hawk subspecies guide the other day. I'll send them to you as I find them. I'm getting my guides switched over to Google Slides which is a lot more workable than Google Docs.

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there is no rush at all, but I figure that the easier it is for the curious to find resources, the easier it will be for newbies (and experts) to learn
send to me any way you want, iNat, email, whatever. if you want to save me a bit of time, you can list links to yours sorted by taxon

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