Watching the Spread of Fumaria muralis in the South San Francisco Bay Area

In 2017, I noticed two (2) populations of Fumaria muralis in the South San Francisco Bay Area within walking distance from my home. The first map below shows the location of these two populations.

Figure 1. Fumaria muralis populations at Baylands in March 2017.

The second map shows all 36 observations I've made at Baylands between March 2017 and January 2022 (~5 years).

Figure 2. Fumaria muralis populations at Baylands as of January 2022.

On January 6, 2022, I walked the distance (~6.8 miles) between the two points shown in Figure 1 , including around Pond A4. There were no F. muralis populations around Pond A4, and only one new one along the Bay Trail.

Fumaria muralis has been very successful in infiltrating the area surrounding the two lakes in the lower right of the map. There is now almost a continuous population around the two small lakes, except for the length of trail next to the highway (south).

Figure 3. Fumaria muralis populations around southeastern ponds at Baylands.

Fumaria muralis likes the waterways. There are established populations along the following creeks and rivers in Santa Clara County, all of which empty into the San Francisco Bay:

  • Calabazas Creek
  • Coyote Creek
  • Los Alamitos Creek
  • Los Gatos Creek
  • Guadalupe Creek
  • Guadalupe River
  • Saratoga Creek
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