Video of dissertation defense now online

This project is getting close to being done. The new treatment should be out sometime in 2023.

I recently did my dissertation defense and created a video version of the presentation if anyone wants to see some of what the data from this project helped with. You can watch here:

Publicado el noviembre 29, 2022 04:14 TARDE por keirmorse keirmorse


Thank you for post your defense. Congratulations on reaching this milestone.

Publicado por mountainsong hace más de 1 año

Thank you for sharing this video; I could almost understand most of it.The visuals were fantastic and a great help to a layperson such as me. Congratulations on your achievement!

Publicado por elizabeth_lockhart hace más de 1 año

Thanks for sharing, and congratulations. The video helped me understand the explanations you gave me of why my identifications of my observations were almost but not quite right.

Publicado por cwwood hace más de 1 año

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