Stoddard Swamp

Stoddard Swamp was described by Hub Vogelmann in part 1 of Natural areas of Vermont [1964] as a “beautiful cedar bog…located in the famous bog country near Peacham, Vermont”. Today Stoddard Swamp is part of the Lucy Mallary Bugbee Natural Area, a designated 12-acre natural area in the towns of Peacham and Danville in Caledonia County.

Vogelmann reportedly found four species of lady’s slipper, calypso, and other orchids in Stoddard Swamp. In 2014, the Vermont Botanical and Bird Club published a list of 26 plant species observed in the Lucy Mallary Bugbee Natural Area. As of this writing, iNat users have observed 48 species in the area, including 43 plant species.

I visited the Lucy Mallary Bugbee Natural Area on May 21, 2023. I spent the day roaming through the cedar swamp, listening to bird sounds, and taking photos of plants. Note: the natural area has no designated parking and no trails, so a GPS-enabled map of the area is essential.

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