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On May 21, 2023, while exploring the Lucy Mallary Bugbee Natural Area (aka Stoddard Swamp), I lost my phone. It must have fallen out of my pocket, probably when I stepped over a downed tree. I spent the rest of the day trying to retrace my steps (which was difficult since there are no trails in this natural area). I never did find my phone on that day so I drove home (70 miles) without it.

The next day I decided to drive back to the natural area and look for my phone again. I wasn't expecting to find it, but I got lucky. After an hour of searching, I found it lying on some moss, no worse for wear. I was relieved, like a heavy weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Apart from not losing my phone in the first place, I don't know what I could have done differently. When I lost my phone, it was on airplane mode to conserve battery. Even if it had not been on airplane mode, there was little to no service in the area (which is typical of places I frequent) so I'm not sure how the Find My app (on iPhone) might have helped. Comments and suggestions welcome.

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Phew, glad you found it! I know that place, and it is hard to refind any one exact spot while wandering around in there. Beautiful habitat, but tough place to lose something…can’t think of any tips for phone finding other than maybe putting a bright orange, eye-catching case on it?

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You might try Tile, according to them it still works in airplane mode as long as Bluetooth is connected. My current FitBit came with it and I connected it to my phone, which is always in Do Not Disturb mode. I can force it to ring loudly from my Fitbit if I lose it, or visa versa. https://www.tile.com/en-us They make little devices, too, that you put in your wallet or sticker in things. Have a look: https://www.tile.com/en-us

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@er-birds thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I agree, a brightly colored case would be helpful in situations like these.

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@celestihel thanks for the link. I've skimmed that interesting site. I need to find out more but that may work!

I just now put my phone in airplane mode and noticed that bluetooth was still enabled. That means bluetooth was on when I lost my phone. Tile (or something like that) could have leveraged that!

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I have found both my Fitbit from the phone and the phone from the Fitbit so many times now, it’s pretty great!

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