Observation of the Week Oct 29-Nov 4

This weeks observation of the week was this Brown Thrasher by @jtmartin54
It looks like it was just posing for the photo.


Publicado el noviembre 5, 2023 03:14 TARDE por wildlife13 wildlife13


Wow, that is a great image!

Publicado por norm_shea hace 5 meses

Thank you! The first shot just goes to show that the watcher is always being watched lol.

Publicado por jtmartin54 hace 5 meses

Love it! Great shot.

Publicado por abiggs2 hace 5 meses
Publicado por sc_beetles hace 3 meses

@sc_beetles Nice! Thanks for all the contributions you have made!

Publicado por wildlife13 hace 3 meses

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