Red Fox Film Flashback

Flashback from May 14, 1998...
Green Anole
Photographer: William Wise | iNat Observation: 18828028 - Red Fox; Athens-Clarke County, Georgia. May 14, 1998.

In May of 1998, while working at Athens-Clarke County Animal Control, we received an inordinate number of calls about a Red Fox (Vulpes fulves) walking down the streets of the wooded subdivision near the mall in broad daylight. A few callers even stated the fox was bold enough to enter carports to feast on the free bounty of cat food.

Knowing it was late spring, the conclusion was made that she was a lactating female needing extra nourishment to feed her newborn kits. After narrowing down the location based upon calls of the last few weeks, a little investigation revealed the den site where I encountered several kits at play. I managed a photograph before they darted into their hole more afraid of me than I was of them. Mama fox was a not "rabid beast", but a caring mother just looking to support her family.

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