A Reason to Strut: End of Turkey Season!

The May 15th end of Turkey Season gave this Tom a reason to strut!
Wild Turkey
Photographer: William Wise | iNat Observation: 78817029 - Wild Turkey; Walton County, Georgia. May 15, 2018.

Tuesday 7:44 AM - This tom has a reason to rejoice and strut his stuff. He has made it through (almost) one of the longest Turkey seasons and lived to brag about it!

As I drove into work, I saw a gathering of Wild Turkey in a field off to my left where I’ve frequently seen the gobblers. But today, a male was really giving a show to several females. This boy was all fired and decked out in puffed plumage, red wattle, and widespread fan. Not only was he impressing the gathering of females, but he made me pull over to get some photos!

Because of high reproduction in the previous years, the GA Department of Natural Resources predicted a “good supply of vocal 2-year old gobblers across much of the state” and allowed an extended hunting season from March 24 through May 15; each hunter being allowed a bag limit of three gobblers. So this Tom had about 12 more hours and then smooth sailing until next season.

Walton County, Georgia May 15, 2018

  • Cloudy, high 77°; 50% chance of afternoon storms
  • Sunrise 6:33 AM, sunset 8:26 PM
  • Day length: 13 hours, 55 minutes
  • New Moon
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