Event Tally ~ Almost Final Totals

This year we have surpassed the totals in ALL categories from previous years.

2536 observations of 489 plant species by 193 observers! Claytonia sibirica so far is the most observed species.

Observations are still being posted so final counts will probably be established over the next month. Also 50% of the observations still need to be identified to “Research Grade” and that takes time. Your help as an identifier will be much appreciated if you feel you have the expertise to “suggest an identification”, even to plant family or genus.

Right now, there are 118 Identifiers who have assisted and a VERY big thank you goes to August Jackson who has worked to identify 165 observations this past week. August has been the Mt Pisgah Arboretum’s Interpretation Coordinator since 2013, starting as a site assistant in 2011. He will be changing roles, recently the Oregon Bee Atlas recruited August to coordinate a program for the inventory and monitoring of bees on National Wildlife Refuges in our region.

Thank you to every observer for foraging out to all corners of Lane County Oregon and make observations of the amazing plant diversity and beauty we all enjoy and now share with the iNaturalist community globally. You can view the OVERVIEW section of this project, scroll down and take a look at the map to see where observations have been made.

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