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01 de marzo de 2024

Discover Nutana: A Unique Blend of Heritage and Conservation

The Nutana Community Association and the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc. recently joined forces to spread awareness about the City Nature Challenge event. Nutana Community Association's willingness to network and promote the event in their newsletter is crucial in ensuring its success.

Uncover Nutana's Natural Treasures: Join the City Nature Challenge!

The Nutana Community Association plays a vital role in the community. They work hand in hand with the City of Saskatoon and the Broadway Business Improvement District to make the city a greener and more vibrant place for all. Their involvement in various activities and events, such as the Nutana Free Film Festival, showcases their commitment to promoting arts, culture, and environmental conservation.

Nutana has numerous green spaces that provide excellent opportunities for outdoor exploration and nature observation. Parks like Rotary Park, and Cosmopolitan Park alongside the South Saskatchewan River shore line, Idylwyld Park, Massey Park, Poplar Park, Albert Recreation Unit, W.E. Graham Park, Chief Darcy Bear Park. offer residents and visitors alike a chance to connect with nature and learn about local ecosystems.

When exploring the waters of the South Saskatchewan River near Nutana, it's important to prioritize safety while keeping your senses open for the wonders of nature. The riparian water edge and shoreline waters are rich with life waiting to be discovered. You might catch sight of majestic kingfishers or eagles soaring overhead, or witness a variety of gulls and shorebirds gliding gracefully. The shores are lined with willows, snowberries, bulrushes, horsetail, bent grasses, saltbushes, sedges, and unique arrowhead plants, providing a feast for the senses. As you spy the aquatic plants and observe minnows darting about, keep an eye out for the distinctive presence of a Virile Crayfish or a freshwater clam. Signs of life on the sandy shoreline, such as the tracks of frogs or amphibians, or the sleek trails left by snakes in the evening, might surprise you. With luck, you might even catch a glimpse of otters, muskrats, or beavers, a true treat along the riverside, all while we work together to protect our watershed for future generations to enjoy.

Nutana's City Nature Challenge: Discover, Observe, Share!

Moreover, Nutana is home to several heritage sites, making it a unique destination for a walking expedition that combines history and nature observing and recording biodiversity and signs of life along the way. The Gustin/Trounce House, Marr Residence, and Nutana Collegiate Memorial Art Gallery are just a few of the heritage sites that showcase the rich history of the area.

One of the highlights of the collaboration between Nutana Community Association and the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc. is the City Nature Challenge event. This event encourages people to observe and document the biodiversity in their area, contributing valuable data to the global scientific community.

Nutana's Heritage, Nutana's Future: We Care for Both

The City Nature Challenge event, which takes place from April 26-29, sees enthusiastic participation from Nutana residents and other members of the community. Participants are encouraged to explore their local green spaces, bus tops, sidewalks, boulevard trees and share their observations on social media, contributing to a global effort to document biodiversity.

A unique aspect of Nutana's connection with the afforestation areas is its association with George Genereux, a student at Nutana Collegiate and Canada’s only Gold Olympic champion of 1952. The George Genereux Urban Regional Park, named in his honor, serves as a reminder of his remarkable achievements and his connection to the Nutana neighborhood. This park serves as a symbol of inspiration and a testament to the community's commitment to preserving natural spaces. . This connection adds another layer of significance to our collaboration and highlights the rich history and heritage of the Nutana community.

George Genereux Urban Regional Park: A Place of Pride, Nature, and History

Nutana's eagerness to help promote the City Nature Challenge event in their newsletter was instrumental in spreading the word and encouraging participation. This collaboration between the Nutana Community Association and the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc. demonstrates the power of community involvement in environmental conservation and biodiversity research.

In conclusion, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Nutana Community Association for their collaboration and support. Their efforts to promote the City Nature Challenge event and their commitment to environmental conservation are commendable. We look forward to future collaborations and continue to work together to create a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Nutana Community Association: Where Ecology Meets Community.

To learn more about the Nutana Community Association, visit their website at https://nutana.ca/. To stay updated on the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc.'s events and activities, follow us on social media @friendsareas or visit our website at http://www.friendsareas.ca/.

Together, we can make a difference and create a better world for future generations. Thank you, Nutana Community Association, for being a valuable partner in our mission to promote environmental conservation and biodiversity research.

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06 de marzo de 2024

A Grateful Salute to Wild About Saskatoon's Nature Advocacy

Wild About Saskatoon: A Heartfelt Tribute to Nature Advocacy

Amidst Saskatoon's vibrant urban tapestry lies a sanctuary of natural wonders awaiting discovery. Thanks to the unwavering dedication of Wild About Saskatoon, the City Nature Challenge Saskatoon 2024 (CNC YXE 2024) flourishes into a celebration of biodiversity and community engagement. Wild About Saskatoon, with its unwavering commitment to nature advocacy, has played an instrumental role in fostering a deeper appreciation for Saskatoon's natural treasures.

With joy and gratitude, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to Wild About Saskatoon for their invaluable collaboration and support of the City Nature Challenge Saskatoon 2024 (CNC YXE 2024). As champions of NatureCity conversations, Wild About Saskatoon shines a spotlight on Saskatoon's natural hotspots, encouraging residents to connect with and protect the rich biodiversity that surrounds them.

Through their advocacy efforts and community engagement initiatives, Wild About Saskatoon has sparked real action to protect nature in Saskatoon and beyond. Their tireless dedication to environmental conservation has been a beacon of hope for those who cherish the beauty of our natural world.

As we express our gratitude to Wild About Saskatoon, let us also recognize the significant impact of their support for the City Nature Challenge. Their collaboration has not only enriched the CNC YXE 2024 experience but has also inspired individuals to become stewards of the environment, fostering a culture of conservation and environmental responsibility.

To learn more about Wild About Saskatoon and their impactful work in advocating for nature conservation, please visit their website at wildaboutsaskatoon.org. Together, let us continue to celebrate and protect Saskatoon's natural treasures for generations to come.

CNC YXE 2024 hosted by Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas, with the wonderful collaboration from Wild About Saskatoon.


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14 de marzo de 2024

Celebrating Rosewood Collaboration

Celebrating Community Collaboration: Rosewood's Commitment to Nature Conservation

In the heart of Southeast Saskatoon lies a vibrant community pulsating with life and brimming with natural wonders—the Rosewood Community. Nestled within its embrace are 65 acres of wetlands, green spaces, and natural trails, forming a haven for both residents and wildlife alike. Namely these areas are Adams, Bitz, Mackay, Struthers, Swick, Glen Penner, and Secondary Core Parks!

One of the key players in preserving this natural beauty is the Rosewood Community Association, whose unwavering dedication to environmental conservation has been nothing short of remarkable. Their recent collaboration with the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas for the City Nature Challenge from April 26 to 29 stands as a testament to their commitment to protecting and celebrating nature.

The Rosewood community boasts an impressive array of natural assets, including the Rosewood Pocket Park—a 1.64-acre oasis of tranquility set to bloom into life this spring. Residents will soon find themselves immersed in the sights and sounds of nature as they explore its lush trails and serene conservation areas.

But the beauty of Rosewood extends beyond its borders, as it is located in Southeast Saskatoon and bordered by the breathtaking Hyde Park naturalized area. Spanning 65 acres, this award-winning wetlands design is a testament to the city's and community's dedication to preserving native vegetation and promoting biodiversity.

In the words of the City of Saskatoon, Rosewood has been meticulously designed to maintain its natural conservation areas, ensuring that green corridors connect residents to the breathtaking landscapes that surround them. This holistic approach to community planning not only fosters a deeper connection with nature but also promotes the health and well-being of its residents.

At its core, the goal of Rosewood is simple yet profound—to conserve and integrate a large wetland complex, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the wonders of the natural world. Whether it's a leisurely stroll along the wetland banks or a moment of quiet reflection amidst the greenery, Rosewood offers a sanctuary where residents can reconnect with the beauty of the earth.

As we celebrate the collaborative spirit of the Rosewood Community Association and its partnership with the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas, we are reminded of the profound impact that community stewardship can have on our environment. Together, we can continue to preserve and protect the natural treasures that enrich our lives and sustain our planet for generations to come.

It is here in Rosewood that residents are invited to explore their neighborhoods, parks, bus stops, school yards, sidewalks, yards, and green spaces, capturing photos and observations of plants, animals, insects, fungi, and signs of life. In addition to exploring close to home, everyone is cordially invited to join any of the four free planned events in the southwest area of Saskatoon at the two afforestation areas, hosted by the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas.

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20 de marzo de 2024

City Nature Challenge 2024: Celebrating Nature Across Saskatchewan

We came across an exciting update from Mary Krieger regarding Manitoba's involvement in the City Nature Challenge. Inspired by this, we're thrilled to share our own announcement. Join us in participating in the annual City Nature Challenge from April 26 to 29, a four-day event aimed at exploring nature and gathering data on local biodiversity. With the days getting longer and temperatures rising, wildlife behaviors are shifting, offering a unique opportunity to observe everything from Canada geese to Wood frogs and showcase the beauty of spring in our region.

For those in Saskatchewan, there are dedicated projects in Regina and Saskatoon. By joining a City Nature Challenge project near you, you'll connect with fellow participants. Each project provides a countdown timer and defines the survey area boundaries, which typically include nearby natural areas and city-owned green spaces. To learn more about Canada's involvement, visit https://cwf-fcf.org/en/explore/inaturalist/cnc/ or explore the global perspective at https://citynaturechallenge.org/

Saskatchewan boasts 16 cities and residents can still have the option of participating, from such places as Lloydminster, which spans the provincial border with Alberta. Notably, Flin Flon, despite straddling the Manitoba provincial border, is not included as a city of Saskatchewan- though residents can still be included in the nature challenge. The cities in Saskatchewan are Estevan, Humboldt, Lloydminster, Martensville, Meadow Lake, Melville, Moose Jaw, North Battleford, Prince Albert, Swift Current, Warman, and Weyburn. If you're not close to Saskatoon or Regina, don't worry—join the City Nature Challenge 2024: Global Project. This project welcomes observers from anywhere on Earth who wish to contribute during the specified four days April 26 to 29.

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25 de marzo de 2024

Preserving Saskatoon's Urban Forest: A Collaboration with SOS Trees

As Saskatoon gears up for the City Nature Challenge from April 26 to April 29, one group stands out for their unwavering commitment to protecting the city's green infrastructure: Save Our Saskatoon Trees Coalition (SOS Trees), formerly known as SOS Elms. SOS Trees supports the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas by networking and getting the word out about the CNC YXE as a collaborator.

The City Nature Challenge invites citizens to explore nature in their urban environment, documenting plant and animal species using the iNaturalist app. But for SOS Trees, the challenge goes beyond just appreciation—it's about safeguarding Saskatoon's trees from threats like elm bark beetles, emerald ash borers, and other pests.

SOS Trees are dedicated to preserving the urban forest. Our city's trees provide crucial ecosystem services, from carbon sequestration to pollution reduction, and it's vital that we protect them.

The coalition, comprising individuals passionate about tree preservation, educates the public on the importance of urban forests. Through trade shows, school programs, and community projects, they raise awareness about threats like Dutch Elm Disease and advocate for responsible tree management.

SOS Trees' goal is to foster an ethic of environmental stewardship, to work with elected officials, developers, and community groups to ensure that existing trees are cared for and new ones are planted.

The term "urban forest" encompasses all trees within a community, whether on streets, in parks, or on private property. SOS Trees conducts tree inventories to assess the health of Saskatoon's tree population and advocates for policy changes to support urban forest preservation.

In collaboration with the City Nature Challenge, citizen scientists appreciate the beauty of our urban forest but also to actively protect it. Look at leaves. Find out if there is evidence of the range expansion for elm bark beetles, emerald ash borer, elm zigzag sawfly, cottony ash psyllid or any other tree pests making their way in and around Saskatoon and area. Just take a picture on iNaturalist and scientists do the rest! Together, we can ensure that Saskatoon's trees continue to enrich our lives for generations to come.

As Saskatoon embraces the City Nature Challenge, SOS Trees stands ready to champion the cause of urban forest preservation, reminding us that the health of our city's trees is vital to the well-being of our community.

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