DFW competition -- what part of the metroplex has the most?!? September 6 - 12!

Like many of you, I've missed out on doing some public bioblitzes all this year. It is what it is. Nonetheless, nature's still out there, just waiting for us to appreciate it and document it. I hope you all have taken some time to escape outside to look for bugs and birds and whatnot.

Well, in the meantime, let's have a little fun competition! This is sorta like a local scale city nature challenge -- only just in the DFW area! What area of DFW can document the most species, make the most observations, and have the most engagement?!?

First of all, you don't have to be a master naturalist to participate! You don't have to join any projects. This umbrella project is composed of the 6 master naturalist chapter areas. Observations made in these areas are automatically added to both that project and this umbrella project. Again, you don't have to be a master naturalist to participate, but if you are a master naturalist, hopefully you can get some volunteer service time for your participation.

So, observations of wild organisms made between September 6 and 12th will count. At the end of this time, I'll put together a little report and will highlight some of the cool finds. Also, each day there will be a "daily challenge" -- I've got a list of 7 things to look for, and you get extra respect points for documenting the daily challenge organism/interaction. :) Respect points are worth their weight in gold!

Hope you will participate! And which area do you think would have the most observations/species/participants?!? :)

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Where are the master naturalist georgraphic areas defined?

Publicado por cwd912nb hace casi 4 años

Thanks - it’s on my calendar. Do you have a map that defines the geographic areas?

Publicado por observerjosh hace casi 4 años

Oops -- I should have made that more clear. Here is the umbrella project that contains the 6 projects (and their areas):

So, Tarrant and Parker Counties area added to the CTMN project (and this umbrella project):

Each of the 6 chapters/projects have a few counties in their project. :)

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Publicado por observerjosh hace casi 4 años

Sorry can't come. I'm now living in California lol.

Publicado por zinogre hace casi 4 años

Great idea, Sam! Can't wait participate. I'll take Collin County.

Publicado por jsuplick hace casi 4 años

I'm on it! And I have some vacation time I need to take ;-) But I'm conflicted because my "home base" is LLELA, so obviously I should want Denton county to win- but a large park of LLELA is currently inaccessible due to the work on Lewisville Dam. So I've been hanging out at other places (drying beds) in addition to LLELA. So what to do, what to do???? LOL

Publicado por jblinde hace casi 4 años

Great idea!! I can incorporate this into my Ecology lab, with proper training. To answer your question: 'And which area do you think would have the most observations/species/participants?!? :)'

The Ecology lab will be broken down into trees, aquatic insects, birds, and prairie plants. So, I'll probably offer my students to go in small groups on different days and focus their respective group that day.

BTW, any advice that anyone wants to give me in terms of online ecology related activities - please pass it my way on a private message. My Environmental Science lab for non-majors is 100% online, and the Ecology lab students are only meeting in small groups for their assessments on one of the four categories listed above. UNT has zero student travel to field sites right now, so we will be limited to the UNT campus for field trips. I can have students do things around their homes or parks on their own if they are able.

Best to all of you!!

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Count me in. I will defiantly participate in this contest. This will be good! I think that this will be a very nice challenge. I may be busy on some days but I will give it my best shot since I have classes and what not. I am looking forward to this. I am sure that I can get the most stuff on the weekend points and maybe when I get some free time later in the day when I am done schooling for the day I can go out and get some good stuff. This will be exciting. I wonder how many observations I will get with in this week. It will be very interesting. Wonder if I will be able to beat out my CNC total. Just a thought I could possibly do it. We shall see how this goes. I will meet your little challenge my friend. Lets do this!

Publicado por galactic_bug_man hace casi 4 años

Yay! It's now on my calendar, Sam. :-)

Publicado por kathrynwells333 hace casi 4 años

On my calendar, too! Looking forward to it!

Publicado por cgritz hace casi 4 años

Do you mind if I post your Journal entry (minus the comments) to our Indian Trail chapter journal? Or would you prefer just a link?

Publicado por cgritz hace casi 4 años

Sure! Share as much as you'd like!

Yeah, I do hope that some folks really get excited about a little sprinkling of 'competition.' The daily challenges will be pretty fun too. :) Stay tuned for those -- I'll 'release' them like a few days before the bioblitz starts so that people won't hoard critters. ;)

Publicado por sambiology hace casi 4 años

Just to clarify, it's OK to share with whomever? I was going to post it on the Denton Trees group.

Publicado por baxter-slye hace casi 4 años
Publicado por baxter-slye hace casi 4 años

On my calendar! I think this needs to go on Facebook if'n it isn't already. I can't think of anyone in particular who isn't on the list above, but I feel like there are lots of MN folks who aren't on there that might participate.

Publicado por tadamcochran hace casi 4 años

Yes, thanks!

Publicado por cwd912nb hace casi 4 años

@atozbotanicals @birdsandbugs27 @robin_g

Publicado por kimberlietx hace casi 4 años

Sounds fun! My bet would be on Denton county, but I'm biased.

Something to look forward to for sure.

Publicado por tgbirdnerd hace casi 4 años

I think Arlington might hold some good stuff. I will be going else where in the DFW area but I am staying well in Tarrant County limits just to see what I can turn up in my neck of the woods. Hey boy's got to represent here for the home territory. Just saying. Got to keep tabs on this one just in case we make this annual just saying. This will be good.

Publicado por galactic_bug_man hace casi 4 años

I really appreciate having a full week. I'll be checking out some favorite spots on the West Side of Fort Worth.

Publicado por cwd912nb hace casi 4 años

Happy to participate -- Collin County.

Publicado por assmann hace casi 4 años

Will be checking out places in Collin and Denton counties!

Publicado por susanaber hace casi 4 años

I'm happy to participate too! Dallas County! I'll get @dduron88 for Dallas County too.

Publicado por melissa_duron hace casi 4 años

We're in ! Looking forward to it !

Publicado por rehb hace casi 4 años

What a wonderful idea Sam! Thanks for the invite

Publicado por gwaithir hace casi 4 años

Sounds fun, I am looking forward to it!

Publicado por ppilarski hace casi 4 años

Woo hoo!

Publicado por taosit hace casi 4 años

That sounds like a great time; I wish I could participate, but I'm up in New Hampshire until later in the fall. Keep me posted if you plan to do it again. And when/if you do, please consider including Grayson County. I'm sure some folks from Bluestem Chapter would like to join in.

Publicado por lshepstew hace casi 4 años

Looking forward to it! @baxter-slye

Publicado por schylerbrown hace casi 4 años

I've been crocheting hats to give this November, for the homeless, since this Covid Virus started in our area.
A few days of something else, sounds pretty awesome!!!🤪🐝🦋🐞🦆🐛🦝🐇🐁🌿🌻🐿

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Hey everyone!

Somewhat short notice, but I'm going to do a zoom presentation on this socially distant bioblitz Thursday (20 Aug) evening from 7 to 9 pm. I will be going over the "how to's" on observing, identifying, and monitoring the projects.

It's also going to be recorded and will be available on vimeo (I'll send that link after the event). So, if folks aren't able to join on Thurs but they still want to watch, they can later on.

If folks do want to join the zoom, they can click on the 'registration link' below, and sign up. Then they'll get the link to the zoom webinar.

When: Aug 20, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Topic: DFW Socially distant bioblitz: how-to's with sambiology

Register in advance for this webinar:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


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Elm Fork is getting the word out...watch out other MN chapters, here we come!!!

Publicado por hawkilitle hace casi 4 años

This is such a great idea, Sam. Needing a little competitive nature time to spice things up a bit. And @jblinde - I can come up with a list for you right here in Denton County! Start with The Flower Mound (of course!), Cross Timbers Trailhead, Central Park (surprisingly, some days it's great), Clear Creek is especially good now that it's not flooded, and I'll even show you the Lantana trails. Ping me...I'd love to go with you to any of these...or anyone else that wants to go.

Publicado por naturemom hace casi 4 años

@jblinde and @baxter-slye - the Elm Fork territory includes Wise and Cooke Counties as well. What @hawkilitle and @naturemom said above.

Publicado por taosit hace casi 4 años

Agrhgh! I missed the zoom call! Darn it. Sam, how do we watch it?

Publicado por baxter-slye hace casi 4 años

I’d love to watch when it’s available as well.

Publicado por observerjosh hace casi 4 años

I would love to watch it as well, if it can be done!

Publicado por lulubelle hace casi 4 años

So, if you have an hour and a half of free time... Here's the recording:
The password is bioblitz (all lowercase, all one word).

Publicado por sambiology hace casi 4 años

Thanks, Sam!

Publicado por kathrynwells333 hace casi 4 años

Much appreciated, Sam!

Publicado por walkingstick2 hace casi 4 años

I just listened to it- very informative, learned a few things! Thank you Sam for posting and I will be observing like crazy that week. I'm not a Tx Master naturalist but I do live in Denton county so I feel some loyalty there....

PS your reason for why people don't do more ID'ing of others' is on the mark- I feel fairly confident with a lot of my own observations but I also still feel like a "newbie" who isn't good enough to ID for others, but I will do more! promise!

Publicado por jblinde hace más de 3 años

Updated the "rules" for this bioblitz! :)

I've also got the 7 daily challenges with sub-challenges for sub-respect points. Buuuut, I'll wait until Friday, Sep 4 to 'release' these. Oooooo, edge of seat sort of stuff, no?!?

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Publicado por walkingstick2 hace más de 3 años

Sam, Thank you for the very informative video. I learned quite a few new things. Much appreciated. Information is never to long when it is interesting and helpful.✌🏻

Publicado por walkingstick2 hace más de 3 años

@sambiology Missed the live stream as August 20th was my 26th wedding anniversary but just had an opportunity to watch the replay. I love that you're planning to visit each of the participating regions; thank you for spreading the wealth ... ha!

Publicado por kathrynwells333 hace más de 3 años

Waiting on the edge of my seat!

Publicado por hawkilitle hace más de 3 años

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