July 16th - CANCELED

Hi everyone...

So sorry for the late notice: I was on auto-pilot this past week and made the most recent post without remembering that I will in fact be on an airplane during our usual time, on my way to the 10th International Congress of Dipterology in Reno, NV, next week.

I will see you on the 23rd, NOT on the 16th.


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I'll be joining, Ken Kneidel. Interested in any common sarcophagids that are identifiable to species.

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@kenkneidel happy to hear it! Unfortunately, there are no Nearctic species that I know of that can be reliably identified to species from photos. Tomorrow, we are working to confirm and refute suggested identifications of Musca domestica, which is often suggested for sarcos.

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That's nice to know, I'm no longer frustrated, more like relieved. I may not attend then since I think I have a good handle on Musca domestica. I see you saw this post https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/173849324. Interesting to me I grew up in northcentral Pennsylvania and house flies were everywhere. I've been in NC for decades and have only reliably seen two. I saw my first in a waiting room at a medical facility. Not having a vial, I caught it in my hand then let it go in my car when I drove home. When home I captured it (it fortunately hung out at my windshield) then identified it. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/18888126 I never thought I'd have to go to such lengths to get a housefly!

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