27 de febrero de 2024


Dear top millipede identifiers (@szucsich, @derhennen, @doppelhans) and gonopod observers (@cedric_lee, @cynthia_c, @rowan_clarke, @handycoordination, @ldvn, @rafael_carbonell),

This is a new project called 'Millipede gonopods'. To introduce you, the About section states:

"Citizen science observations of millipedes rarely include high-quality images of gonopods; the reproductively-modified legs of adult males, upon which millipede identification heavily relies. This project collects manually-added, verifiable observations identified to subclass Chilognatha, or a child taxon therein, that feature high-quality gonopod images. "High-quality" means that the gonopod's perspective, resolution, focus, and lighting can reasonably be expected to form the basis of a narrow identification, and "gonopod" is used in the broad sense to include all reproductively-modified legs, regardless of segment. The aim of this project is to expose such observations for expert review, to emphasise that even diplopodology can benefit from citizen science data, and to encourage more naturalists to feature gonopods in their millipede observations."

If this is something that interests you, please consider joining the project and adding suitable observations to it.

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