Taxonomic Swap 123569 (Guardado el 28/02/2023)

Clements Checklist v2021 (Referencia)
| Comprometido por loarie el 28 de febrero de 2023
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"Committed on 2023-02-28"

Looks like the swap is incomplete.

Publicado por victorengel hace más de 1 año

Can you explain why this needed to happen?

Publicado por stunsal hace más de 1 año

If you follow the links to the genera involved some of them have details. Genetic studies a few years ago show the new relationships. For example,

Publicado por victorengel hace más de 1 año

Can Phalacrocorax also be split then? Currently there are many disagreements because of this swap. And indeed it looks like they have not all updated yet

Publicado por matthew_connors hace más de 1 año

Interesting! Thank you for this!

Publicado por stunsal hace más de 1 año
Publicado por victorengel hace más de 1 año

I've just committed the Phalacrocorax split, so old genus-level IDs should be updated over the next couple days or so.

Publicado por maxkirsch hace más de 1 año

@loarie similar (I think?) to what we saw on the recent Ruby-crowned Kinglet split, there are about 370 observations where all of the IDs have been updated but the taxon ID is still Phalacrocorax auritus 4265 and there is no community taxon: (these are not cases where the user is rejecting community taxon—there just isn't one).

Adding a new ID fixes them (e.g., Adding an annotation does not change anything (here I added an annotation of Evidence > Organism as a test: Adding a DQA somehow updates the taxon ID but does not update the community taxon, still leaving the observation in need of an additional confirming ID (here I added a "Organism is wild" vote:

In all I suppose 370 out of 90K+ ain't bad but FYI!

Edit: Hmm, looks like this is also pointed out here:

Publicado por djringer hace más de 1 año

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