Taxonomic Swap 137145 (Guardado el 01/01/2024)

Butterflies and Moths of North Americ... (Referencia)
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@xpda Current name for this taxon is E. lignosella according to Pohl & Nanz (2023), so I'm confused as to why you made this change, which will now have to be undone. Is there a new paper out that changed this to lignosellus.

Publicado por hughmcguinness hace 7 meses

This taxon swap will need to be reversed. See

Publicado por treichard hace 7 meses

I made this change because I ran across a flag requesting the change when IDing one of my own observations. It had been requested, confirmed, and unresolved for months with no comments against the swap. I did not see the previous flag or swap.

Publicado por xpda hace 7 meses

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