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26 de octubre de 2015

Bay Area iNat Happy Hour

Ever since I joined the iNat team, I've wanted to go to an iNat happy hour.
Since we don't have one, I thought I'd organize it!

A group of us are getting together this Thursday (October 29th) at the Little Shamrock in the Sunset District of San Francisco, about 5-7. They have good cheap beer, free popcorn, darts and board games. There's plenty of food in the neighborhood.

A good chunk of the iNat development team has said they'll be there, including @kueda, @loarie, @joelle, and @tiwane. Sounds like some of our CAS colleagues @kestrel and @rebeccafay might stop by, too!

CC: @dpom @robberfly @jmaughn @leptonia @taj

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