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12 de marzo de 2018

New App: Seek by iNaturalist

Hi folks,

The iNaturalist team recently got a great opportunity to work with the folks at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Tangled Bank Studios on a new app to be released in tandem with their film Backyard Wilderness. They wanted a kid-friendly app that was all about discovering the nature around you. Sounds a lot like iNat, huh? 😀

So we built an iOS app called Seek on top of the iNaturalist APIs, with a few important differences compared to the existing iNaturalist apps. Observations contain some sensitive information that we don't want to reveal about children, including where they are and when they are active (in the US it's actually illegal under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) for online platforms to record this information without explicit parental consent). Because the app is designed to be kid-friendly, we don't record any observation information. No activity in this new app becomes a record on, but it uses the same computer vision model as iNaturalist to suggest identifications based on photographs taken by the users. It also suggests species that have been found in the area (based on an obscured location) and recorded on iNaturalist. Seek works because of the observations submitted and identified by the iNaturalist community, so it might work best in areas with active iNaturalist communities.

We're hopeful this app will be fun, and not just for kids. Please try it yourself, and please encourage any of your friends and family who are into nature to give it a try.

It's currently iOS only. You can download it from the iOS App Store here: Seek by iNaturalist. We'll be exploring how to make an Android version soon.


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