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25 de enero de 2016

Thanks to the iNaturalist IDers!

One of the many cool things about the New Observation Search is that it's now really easy for me to tell who's added the most IDs to my observations.

In order to see who's made the most IDs on your observations, do the following:

  • navigate to the new observation search UI at,
  • click the filters button (next to the big red Go button, it looks a little like a sideways equalizer) to open the filter menu,
  • click the "your observations" checkbox to filter for only your observations,
  • click Update Search and close the filter menu
  • click on Identifiers to see a sorted list of who's made Identifications on your observations!

You should see a list like this, except probably with a lot more observations, right? :)

So without further ado, thanks to the top 10 IDers of my 629 observations: @loarie @kueda @kevinhintsa @sambiology @temminicki @john8 @robberfly @silversea_starsong @maractwin and @rudyard.

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