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14 de julio de 2019

Always behind!

What a busy season! So many bugs and plants to point my camera at! Took a trip to visit Bluefield, VA/WV. Nice to get back to some old stomping grounds. It's been so long, that I forgot how different the local flora are from where I live. Had some great experiences. Sometimes I wish one of my eyes had a camera in it haha. Some things get away before you get a chance to whip one out! Getting ready to start on those photos. Found out what Stinging Nettles look like the fun way hahaha. Also found a Short-tailed Shrew under a leaf, and it posed rather well for me! I was shocked! Can't wait to upload!

Visited Burke's Garden. Apparently its changed a lot. No picnic ground anymore, and everything is posted property. No real place to stop. Just get to drive the loop. Saw some neat things there as well, like a Red-Headed Woodpecker, but wasn't able to get a photo.

Also visited Crab Orchard Museum. It was a fun experience. Took my children to look around at the structures, and artifacts. I recommend the visit to anyone who stops by the area! After you're done, right across the main road and to the left is an awesome little restaurant (Fisher & Company) to stop and eat. Still have a hankerin' for that pulled pork stuffed baked potato they served me!

Anyways, I'm coming up on those photos. Also have been setting a black light up at night for moths. Picked up a 2-footer for 10$ at Walmart. Have had some great little visitors the last few nights. A photographer is always behind though! You go through, and pick the best of the line, and then you have to crop, and resize, and all that jazz. Glad to have a few days off work now to work on them. Since I joined iNaturalist recently, I've really enjoyed sharing my findings with other nature enthusiasts!

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Thank you to those who comment and help me with species identification. I'm always learning something new! Input and details are always appreciated!!!

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