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08 de marzo de 2016

Guide to mustard species

I think I found a great resource for identifying species in the vast, confusing, and often misrepresented mustard family---

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14 de marzo de 2016

Pocket DNA Sequencers

They've already been invented and are in use in the field. As the technology improves, this is going to be a total game-changer

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17 de marzo de 2016

feeling: accomplished

Just discovered that one of my photos is featured on the species page for Hibiscus denudatus. This blossom was a difficult one for me to ID.
This is pleasing, but not quite as thrilling as the morning canyon hike when i discovered these beautiful desert flowers.

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28 de marzo de 2016

springtime is an education unto itself

A year ago i knew our regional wildflowers, and now as winter turns to spring, they look foreign again. One's knowledge base has to change with the seasons.
Early bloomers. Plants still dormant or in vegetative state. Other plants just emerging from the soil.
I've begun logging wildflower species when they're NOT blooming, as well as when they are. In this way i hope to build up my 4-season recognition skills.

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