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22 de julio de 2017

location data: Open, Obscured, Private?

There is an excellent essay on this topic by David Lindenmayer and Ben Scheele** in the journal Science, vol. 356, issue 6340 of May 26, 2017, page 800. If you have online access, visit, search term "Do Not Publish". If you don't, contact me and i can send you a copy.
Turns out, poaching IS a problem. And more than that, enthusiastic nature-seekers will degrade habitat and disrupt animal behaviors in their zeal to see a rare organism. The authors also stress that an invasion of nature tourists can badly compromise the researcher/landowner relationship which is hard-earned and built on trust.
A brief quote:
"Biologists must urgently unlearn parts of their centuries-old publishing culture and rethink the benefits of publishing location data and habitat descriptions for rare and endangered species to avoid unwittingly contributing to further species declines."
Personally, i obscure everything. All the time. And this irritates some people sometimes. But project admins CAN see location coordinates that i have obscured; Joe Hunting Rifle does not need to.
Not everybody agrees with me. If you don't want to take a look at the essay, please at least consider the issues.

** Threatened Species Recovery Hub, National Environmental Science Program, Fenner School of Environment and society, The Australian National University, Canberra.

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