Events going on in the DFW metroplex! *all public gatherings cancelled*

Just FYI -- saddens me tremendously to say this, but we're cancelling all public gatherings.

The City Nature Challenge is still going on though -- so if you're able to, please make some observations. :)

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Thanks for compiling that listing, Sam!

All, there may be more details about some of those events if they are cross-posted to the Texas Parks & Wildlife local CNC events listing. You can see those directly here or link to them via our TPWD City Nature Challenge main page ( under “Find local partners and events on the City Nature Challenge Texas Events list”

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I hate to be a buzzkill, but I'm wondering what the pandemic will mean for the City Nature Challenge, and specifically these local gatherings. I don't know if things have evolved enough to cancel the entire challenge yet, but you may want to reconsider these public events or any other event with greater than five people. I still plan on going out by myself to get some observations though!

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Great point, Josh -- we are indeed thinking a LOT about this... The City Nature Challenge will still happen -- but some of these events may be cancelled by the organizations involved.

I'm really hoping that if these events go on, that we enforce quite a bit of the 'social distancing' suggested -- I'd hope that folks would explore these areas (or other areas) not in a group.

As with EVERYTHING, stay tuned. As I know more, I'll update the list and provide more details.

In the meantime, I found it quite cathartic to go outside and listen to birds today. They provided the best news I heard today. Spring. :)

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We've had to cancel our Moth Night at Mockingbird Nature Park in Midlothian on April 24.

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