Dinosaur Valley State Park 24-Hr BioBlitz!!

SIGN-UP: https://forms.gle/FMwsEqKw6vkPKiH69


August 20, 2022 5pm - August 21, 2022 5pm
Dinosaur Valley State Park has recently acquired property that will soon be evaluated by state specialists for cultural and natural resources.

Come join this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become part of park history that goes back 113 million years. Let's celebrate our 50th Anniversary with a BioBlitz!

We would love subject matter experts to lead the smaller blitzes throughout the day!

Events will include:

  • Small mammal trapping and game camera set-up (I will be in charge of this but you can come along and help!)
  • Bat Detector - Echometer Touch 2
  • Mothing
  • Fishing
  • Birding
  • Insect and Arachnid Catching
  • Plants

Have an idea? Want to be a subject matter expert? Please contact me!


Join our iNat Project: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/dinosaur-valley-state-park-bioblitz-2022

SIGN-UP: https://forms.gle/FMwsEqKw6vkPKiH69

Publicado el julio 14, 2022 08:49 TARDE por madisong madisong


Oh my gosh, this sounds like so much fun. I am traveling almost the entire month of August for various reasons - maybe I can squeeze in one more trip, lol.

Publicado por jblinde hace casi 2 años

I might actually be around for this one! I’ll put it on my calendar.

Publicado por observerjosh hace casi 2 años

I’m not very good at fishing, but I love putting my pole in the water and trying! 😂

Publicado por observerjosh hace casi 2 años

@jaquiring Well…. to be fair, can’t fish when there’s barely any water 😅 But there might still be places on the property that are deep enough for larger fish. I’ll have to double check 😅😅 But yay!! The more the merrier!!

Publicado por madisong hace casi 2 años

Looks super fun, I might be able to drive down after I get off work and leave the next morning if that's okay.

Publicado por chandlerdavis hace casi 2 años

Interested... it's on my calendar.

Publicado por k8thegr8 hace casi 2 años

@chandlerdavis Yep! Whatever works for you!
@k8thegr8 Awesome!!

I forgot to add, if you do end up wanting to go, please fill in the form so I can get you directions and specifics! Cheers!

Publicado por madisong hace casi 2 años

Certainly interesting. I'll have to check my schedule.

Publicado por peywey hace casi 2 años

Woohoo! I am actually off both of those dates! I will be there!

Publicado por lulubelle hace casi 2 años

@lulubelle Wonderful! Sign-up here so I can keep track of y'all! :) <3 i cant wait! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSddbgbOKpHcfiljVTKoMtaomHQdlyjFVYu6sw9w3MMFWmc3Uw/viewform

Publicado por madisong hace casi 2 años

@madisong, do you know why they chose to start at 5pm on 8-20?

Publicado por lulubelle hace casi 2 años

@lulubelle I chose to start at 5pm because it gets cooler in the evening and we are going to do mothing/bat detection/sherman trapping for small mammals which all begins in the evening time. I could have maybe done a 36 hour BioBlitz but I am just one person and it's really overwhelming... but yeah it was a time that was just kinda thrown out to me that I decided on because it worked with the park supers schedule ^_^ You can come at any time that day into the park, but since the private property that my bioblitz is on isn't open to the public, we have to kinda set a time for the gates to be open to y'all.. if that makes sense

Publicado por madisong hace casi 2 años

I'm planning on participating, it sounds very interesting.

Publicado por annikaml hace casi 2 años

I'm excited to come!!! :) I'll bring all my gear.

Publicado por sambiology hace casi 2 años

Amazing! Maps, final details, etc. to follow via email and journal post (excluding the map) soon!

Publicado por madisong hace casi 2 años

I'll be there, I'll do the sign up thingie tonight. =)

Publicado por k8thegr8 hace casi 2 años

It's rained! Hopefully that will help. =)

Publicado por k8thegr8 hace casi 2 años

So, those dino tracks have been making some media traction lately... Anyways, if you're curious, here is the 1941 article from Natural History by Roland T. Bird, who look at dino tracks along the Paluxy River. It's a fun read!

And here's some more explanation of those tracks as well! :)

Publicado por sambiology hace más de 1 año

@sambiology Thank you Sam! Another amazing book is "Dinosaur Highway" by Laurie Jasinski.

I also have social media posts made for the park that haven't been uploaded yet that talks about the Cross Timbers being a result of the shallow inland sea!

Publicado por madisong hace más de 1 año

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