Phylogenetic Projects for 'unknown' observations

Updated on 15 Jan 2023.

Continuing from this post:

To date, I grabbed more than 500000 observations without identification. For each observation, I analyzed the 10 identification suggestions proposed by the computer vision and generated a "best ID". Then, I made an analysis of the distribution of all these "best IDs". Then, I designed and run an algorithm for choosing 1000 taxa so that all the "best IDs" could be spread over these 1000 taxa, with the intention to create 1000 projects for grouping all the observations, the ones already grabbed and all others to be grabbed later.

The aim is to help a person identifying "unknown" observations to quickly access the observations matching their preferred taxon or taxa.

Note that it would be possible to access the contents of several projects using a single URL combining the IDs of the projects matching the taxa of interest. This is why I plan to create many projects, instead of only a few ones. Of course, every "unknown" observation would be put in only one such project.

Each project description provides links for identifying observations in the project only, in the project and its subprojects, and (except for the highest ranks) in the projects and all its subprojects recursively. Each project description provides links to all parents projects and link to subprojects (projects can be browsed like a tree).

Direct links to all these projects for observations without id.:

Stateofmatter Life
   Kingdom Animalia
         Subphylum Rhabditophora
      Phylum Annelida
      Phylum Arthropoda
            Class Arachnida
                        Order Araneae
                           Suborder Araneomorphae
                                 Superfamily Araneoidea
                                 Superfamily Lycosoidea
         Subphylum Hexapoda
                        Order Coleoptera
                           Suborder Polyphaga
                                 Superfamily Scarabaeoidea
                              Infraorder Cucujiformia
                                 Superfamily Cerambycoidea
                                 Superfamily Chrysomeloidea
                                 Superfamily Coccinelloidea
                        Order Diptera
                           Suborder Brachycera
                           Suborder Nematocera
                        Order Hemiptera
                           Suborder Auchenorrhyncha
                           Suborder Heteroptera
                              Infraorder Pentatomomorpha
                                 Superfamily Coreoidea
                                 Superfamily Pentatomoidea
                           Suborder Sternorrhyncha
                              Infraorder Aphidomorpha
                                       Family Aphididae
                        Order Hymenoptera
                                 Superfamily Apoidea
                                    Epifamily Anthophila
                                 Superfamily Vespoidea
                                       Family Formicidae
                                          Subfamily Formicinae
                                          Subfamily Myrmicinae
                                       Family Vespidae
                        Order Lepidoptera
                                 Superfamily Bombycoidea
                                       Family Saturniidae
                                          Subfamily Saturniinae
                                       Family Sphingidae
                                 Superfamily Geometroidea
                                 Superfamily Noctuoidea
                                       Family Erebidae
                                          Subfamily Arctiinae
                                                Subtribe Spilosomina
                                       Family Noctuidae
                                 Superfamily Papilionoidea
                                          Subfamily Papilioninae
                                       Family Hesperiidae
                                       Family Lycaenidae
                                       Family Nymphalidae
                                          Subfamily Danainae
                                          Subfamily Heliconiinae
                                          Subfamily Nymphalinae
                                          Subfamily Satyrinae
                                       Family Pieridae
                                 Superfamily Zygaenoidea
                        Order Odonata
                        Order Orthoptera
                           Suborder Caelifera
                           Suborder Ensifera
      Phylum Bryozoa
      Phylum Chordata
         Subphylum Tunicata
         Subphylum Vertebrata
               Subclass Neoselachii
                     Superorder Galeomorphi
            Class Actinopterygii
                        Order Anguilliformes
                        Order Characiformes
                        Order Cypriniformes
                        Order Cyprinodontiformes
                        Order Perciformes
                                       Family Acanthuridae
                                       Family Centrarchidae
                                       Family Cichlidae
                                       Family Osphronemidae
                                       Family Pomacentridae
                                       Family Sparidae
                        Order Scorpaeniformes
                        Order Siluriformes
                        Order Syngnathiformes
                        Order Tetraodontiformes
            Class Amphibia
                        Order Anura
                                       Family Bufonidae
                                       Family Hylidae
                                          Subfamily Acrisinae
                                          Subfamily Cophomantinae
                                          Subfamily Hylinae
                                          Subfamily Lophyohylinae
                                       Family Pelodryadidae
                                       Family Ranidae
                                       Family Rhacophoridae
                                 Superfamily Brachycephaloidea
                                 Superfamily Dendrobatoidea
                        Order Caudata
                                       Family Plethodontidae
                                       Family Salamandridae
            Class Aves
                                       Family Cathartidae
                                       Family Ciconiidae
                                       Family Columbidae
                                       Family Cuculidae
                                       Family Falconidae
                                       Family Otididae
                        Order Accipitriformes
                        Order Anseriformes
                        Order Bucerotiformes
                        Order Caprimulgiformes
                        Order Charadriiformes
                                       Family Charadriidae
                                       Family Laridae
                                       Family Scolopacidae
                        Order Coraciiformes
                        Order Galliformes
                                       Family Cracidae
                                       Family Phasianidae
                        Order Gruiformes
                                       Family Gruidae
                                       Family Rallidae
                        Order Passeriformes
                                       Family Artamidae
                                       Family Cardinalidae
                                       Family Corvidae
                                       Family Estrildidae
                                       Family Fringillidae
                                       Family Furnariidae
                                       Family Hirundinidae
                                       Family Icteridae
                                       Family Meliphagidae
                                       Family Mimidae
                                       Family Motacillidae
                                       Family Muscicapidae
                                       Family Nectariniidae
                                       Family Paridae
                                       Family Parulidae
                                       Family Passerellidae
                                       Family Passeridae
                                       Family Ploceidae
                                       Family Pycnonotidae
                                       Family Sturnidae
                                       Family Thraupidae
                                       Family Troglodytidae
                                       Family Turdidae
                                       Family Tyrannidae
                        Order Pelecaniformes
                        Order Piciformes
                                       Family Picidae
                                       Family Ramphastidae
                        Order Psittaciformes
                                       Family Cacatuidae
                                       Family Psittacidae
                                       Family Psittaculidae
                        Order Strigiformes
                        Order Suliformes
            Class Mammalia
                  Infraclass Marsupialia
                                       Family Didelphidae
                  Infraclass Placentalia
                     Superorder Afrotheria
                     Superorder Euarchontoglires
                        Order Lagomorpha
                        Order Primates
                        Order Rodentia
                              Infraorder Hystricognathi
                           Suborder Castorimorpha
                           Suborder Myomorpha
                                       Family Cricetidae
                           Suborder Sciuromorpha
                                       Family Sciuridae
                                          Subfamily Sciurinae
                                          Subfamily Xerinae
                     Superorder Laurasiatheria
                        Order Artiodactyla
                                       Family Camelidae
                           Suborder Ruminantia
                                       Family Bovidae
                                          Subfamily Antilopinae
                                             Tribe Alcelaphini
                                             Tribe Antilopini
                                             Tribe Caprini
                                             Tribe Hippotragini
                                          Subfamily Bovinae
                                       Family Cervidae
                                          Subfamily Capreolinae
                                          Subfamily Cervinae
                                       Family Giraffidae
                           Suborder Suina
                        Order Carnivora
                                       Family Canidae
                                       Family Felidae
                                       Family Mustelidae
                                       Family Procyonidae
                                       Family Ursidae
                        Order Chiroptera
                        Order Eulipotyphla
                        Order Perissodactyla
                     Superorder Xenarthra
                        Order Cingulata
                        Order Pilosa
            Class Reptilia
                        Order Crocodylia
                        Order Squamata
                           Suborder Sauria
                                       Family Agamidae
                                          Subfamily Agaminae
                                          Subfamily Amphibolurinae
                                          Subfamily Draconinae
                                       Family Anguidae
                                       Family Chamaeleonidae
                                       Family Iguanidae
                                       Family Lacertidae
                                       Family Phrynosomatidae
                                          Subfamily Phrynosomatinae
                                          Subfamily Sceloporinae
                                       Family Scincidae
                                          Subfamily Mabuyinae
                                       Family Teiidae
                              Infraorder Gekkota
                                       Family Gekkonidae
                                       Family Phyllodactylidae
                                       Family Sphaerodactylidae
                           Suborder Serpentes
                                       Family Boidae
                                       Family Colubridae
                                          Subfamily Colubrinae
                                          Subfamily Dipsadinae
                                          Subfamily Natricinae
                                       Family Elapidae
                                       Family Pythonidae
                                       Family Viperidae
                        Order Testudines
                                       Family Emydidae
                                          Subfamily Deirochelyinae
                                          Subfamily Emydinae
                                       Family Testudinidae
      Phylum Cnidaria
               Subclass Discomedusae
                        Order Rhizostomeae
                        Order Semaeostomeae
            Class Anthozoa
      Phylum Ctenophora
      Phylum Echinodermata
         Subphylum Asterozoa
         Subphylum Echinozoa
      Phylum Mollusca
            Class Bivalvia
                  Infraclass Heteroconchia
                  Infraclass Pteriomorphia
            Class Gastropoda
                  Infraclass Euthyneura
                                       Family Achatinidae
                                 Superfamily Arionoidea
                              Infraorder Helicoidei
                                       Family Helicidae
                              Infraorder Limacoidei
               Subclass Caenogastropoda
                        Order Littorinimorpha
                        Order Neogastropoda
      Phylum Nematoda
      Phylum Nematomorpha
      Phylum Porifera
   Kingdom Bacteria
      Phylum Cyanobacteria
      Phylum Proteobacteria
   Kingdom Chromista
      Phylum Ciliophora
      Phylum Heliozoa
      Phylum Ochrophyta
                        Order Fucales
      Phylum Oomycota
   Kingdom Fungi
      Phylum Ascomycota
                        Order Arthoniales
                        Order Pezizales
                                       Family Pezizaceae
                                       Family Sarcoscyphaceae
            Class Dothideomycetes
            Class Lecanoromycetes
               Subclass Lecanoromycetidae
                        Order Lecanorales
                                          Subfamily Parmelioideae
                                       Family Cladoniaceae
                        Order Peltigerales
                                       Family Lobariaceae
                        Order Teloschistales
               Subclass Ostropomycetidae
            Class Leotiomycetes
            Class Sordariomycetes
                        Order Xylariales
                                       Family Hypoxylaceae
                                       Family Xylariaceae
               Subclass Hypocreomycetidae
      Phylum Basidiomycota
         Subphylum Agaricomycotina
                                       Family Dacrymycetaceae
                        Order Auriculariales
                        Order Cantharellales
                        Order Hymenochaetales
                        Order Polyporales
                                       Family Fomitopsidaceae
                                       Family Laetiporaceae
                                       Family Polyporaceae
                        Order Russulales
                                       Family Russulaceae
                                       Family Stereaceae
                        Order Thelephorales
               Subclass Agaricomycetidae
                        Order Agaricales
                                       Family Hygrophoraceae
                           Suborder Agaricineae
                                       Family Agaricaceae
                                       Family Hymenogastraceae
                                       Family Lycoperdaceae
                                       Family Psathyrellaceae
                                       Family Strophariaceae
                           Suborder Marasmiineae
                                       Family Marasmiaceae
                                       Family Mycenaceae
                                       Family Omphalotaceae
                                       Family Physalacriaceae
                           Suborder Pleurotineae
                           Suborder Pluteineae
                           Suborder Tricholomatineae
                        Order Boletales
                                       Family Boletaceae
                           Suborder Sclerodermatineae
               Subclass Phallomycetidae
         Subphylum Pucciniomycotina
                           Suborder Melampsorineae
                           Suborder Uredinineae
      Phylum Zygomycota
   Kingdom Plantae
      Phylum Bryophyta
                                       Family Polytrichaceae
                                       Family Pottiaceae
                        Order Bryales
                        Order Dicranales
                                       Family Leucobryaceae
                        Order Hypnales
      Phylum Charophyta
      Phylum Chlorophyta
      Phylum Marchantiophyta
      Phylum Rhodophyta
                        Order Ceramiales
      Phylum Tracheophyta
                        Order Cycadales
                                       Family Zamiaceae
                        Order Pinales
                                       Family Araucariaceae
                                       Family Cupressaceae
                                          Subfamily Cupressoideae
                                          Subfamily Sequoioideae
                                          Subfamily Taxodioideae
                                       Family Pinaceae
                                       Family Podocarpaceae
                                       Family Taxaceae
            Class Gnetopsida
            Class Lycopodiopsida
                                       Family Lycopodiaceae
            Class Polypodiopsida
                                       Family Osmundaceae
                        Order Cyatheales
                        Order Polypodiales
                                       Family Aspleniaceae
                                       Family Athyriaceae
                                       Family Blechnaceae
                                       Family Dennstaedtiaceae
                                       Family Onocleaceae
                                       Family Pteridaceae
                                          Subfamily Cheilanthoideae
                                          Subfamily Pteridoideae
                                          Subfamily Vittarioideae
                                       Family Thelypteridaceae
                           Suborder Polypodiineae
                                       Family Dryopteridaceae
                                       Family Polypodiaceae
                                          Subfamily Microsoroideae
                                          Subfamily Platycerioideae
                                          Subfamily Polypodioideae
                        Order Salviniales
                        Order Schizaeales
            Class Liliopsida
                        Order Alismatales
                                       Family Alismataceae
                                       Family Araceae
                                          Subfamily Aroideae
                                             Tribe Areae
                                             Tribe Arisaemateae
                                             Tribe Caladieae
                                             Tribe Colocasieae
                                          Subfamily Lemnoideae
                                          Subfamily Monsteroideae
                                          Subfamily Orontioideae
                                          Subfamily Pothoideae
                                       Family Hydrocharitaceae
                                       Family Potamogetonaceae
                        Order Arecales
                                       Family Arecaceae
                                          Subfamily Arecoideae
                                             Tribe Cocoseae
                                          Subfamily Coryphoideae
                                                Subtribe Livistoninae
                                             Tribe Borasseae
                                             Tribe Caryoteae
                                             Tribe Trachycarpeae
                                                Subtribe Rhapidinae
                        Order Asparagales
                                       Family Amaryllidaceae
                                          Subfamily Allioideae
                                                Subtribe Leucocoryninae
                                          Subfamily Amaryllidoideae
                                             Tribe Amaryllideae
                                                Subtribe Crininae
                                                Subtribe Strumariinae
                                             Tribe Haemantheae
                                             Tribe Hippeastreae
                                                Subtribe Hippeastrinae
                                                Subtribe Zephyranthinae
                                             Tribe Narcisseae
                                       Family Asparagaceae
                                          Subfamily Agavoideae
                                          Subfamily Lomandroideae
                                          Subfamily Nolinoideae
                                          Subfamily Scilloideae
                                       Family Asphodelaceae
                                          Subfamily Asphodeloideae
                                          Subfamily Hemerocallidoideae
                                       Family Hypoxidaceae
                                       Family Iridaceae
                                          Subfamily Crocoideae
                                             Tribe Croceae
                                             Tribe Freesieae
                                             Tribe Gladioleae
                                             Tribe Watsonieae
                                          Subfamily Iridoideae
                                             Tribe Irideae
                                             Tribe Sisyrinchieae
                                             Tribe Tigridieae
                                          Subfamily Nivenioideae
                                       Family Orchidaceae
                                          Subfamily Cypripedioideae
                                          Subfamily Epidendroideae
                                             Tribe Arethuseae
                                             Tribe Collabieae
                                             Tribe Dendrobieae
                                             Tribe Epidendreae
                                                Subtribe Laeliinae
                                                Subtribe Pleurothallidinae
                                             Tribe Neottieae
                                          Subfamily Orchidoideae
                                             Tribe Cranichideae
                                             Tribe Diseae
                                             Tribe Diurideae
                                             Tribe Orchideae
                                          Subfamily Vandoideae
                                             Tribe Cymbidieae
                                                Subtribe Catasetinae
                                                Subtribe Eulophiinae
                                                Subtribe Maxillariinae
                                                Subtribe Oncidiinae
                                                Subtribe Stanhopeinae
                                             Tribe Vandeae
                        Order Commelinales
                                       Family Commelinaceae
                                       Family Haemodoraceae
                                       Family Pontederiaceae
                        Order Dioscoreales
                        Order Liliales
                                       Family Alstroemeriaceae
                                       Family Colchicaceae
                                       Family Liliaceae
                                       Family Melanthiaceae
                        Order Pandanales
                                       Family Cyclanthaceae
                                       Family Pandanaceae
                        Order Poales
                                       Family Bromeliaceae
                                          Subfamily Bromelioideae
                                          Subfamily Tillandsioideae
                                       Family Cyperaceae
                                             Tribe Cypereae
                                             Tribe Fuireneae
                                             Tribe Schoeneae
                                             Tribe Scirpeae
                                       Family Juncaceae
                                       Family Poaceae
                                             Tribe Danthonieae
                                          Subfamily Arundinoideae
                                          Subfamily Bambusoideae
                                             Tribe Arundinarieae
                                             Tribe Bambuseae
                                          Subfamily Chloridoideae
                                             Tribe Cynodonteae
                                                Subtribe Eleusininae
                                             Tribe Eragrostideae
                                             Tribe Zoysieae
                                          Subfamily Oryzoideae
                                          Subfamily Panicoideae
                                             Tribe Andropogoneae
                                                Subtribe Andropogoninae
                                                Subtribe Anthistiriinae
                                                Subtribe Saccharinae
                                                Subtribe Sorghinae
                                                Subtribe Tripsacinae
                                             Tribe Paniceae
                                                Subtribe Boivinellinae
                                                Subtribe Cenchrinae
                                                Subtribe Melinidinae
                                             Tribe Paspaleae
                                          Subfamily Pooideae
                                             Tribe Poeae
                                                Subtribe Agrostidinae
                                                Subtribe Poinae
                                             Tribe Stipeae
                                             Tribe Triticeae
                                       Family Restionaceae
                                       Family Typhaceae
                        Order Zingiberales
                                       Family Costaceae
                                       Family Marantaceae
                                       Family Musaceae
                                       Family Strelitziaceae
                                       Family Zingiberaceae
            Class Magnoliopsida
                                       Family Boraginaceae
                                          Subfamily Boraginoideae
                                             Tribe Boragineae
                                             Tribe Lithospermeae
                                          Subfamily Cordioideae
                                          Subfamily Cynoglossoideae
                                             Tribe Cynoglosseae
                                             Tribe Myosotideae
                                          Subfamily Ehretioideae
                                          Subfamily Heliotropioideae
                                          Subfamily Hydrophylloideae
                                          Subfamily Namoideae
                                       Family Buxaceae
                                       Family Celastraceae
                                       Family Dilleniaceae
                                       Family Escalloniaceae
                                       Family Garryaceae
                                       Family Vitaceae
                        Order Apiales
                                       Family Apiaceae
                                          Subfamily Apioideae
                                             Tribe Apieae
                                             Tribe Careae
                                             Tribe Coriandreae
                                             Tribe Oenantheae
                                             Tribe Scandiceae
                                                Subtribe Daucinae
                                                Subtribe Scandicinae
                                             Tribe Selineae
                                             Tribe Smyrnieae
                                             Tribe Tordylieae
                                          Subfamily Mackinlayoideae
                                          Subfamily Saniculoideae
                                       Family Araliaceae
                                          Subfamily Hydrocotyloideae
                                       Family Pittosporaceae
                        Order Aquifoliales
                        Order Asterales
                                       Family Asteraceae
                                          Subfamily Asteroideae
                                             Tribe Anthemideae
                                                Subtribe Anthemidinae
                                                Subtribe Artemisiinae
                                                Subtribe Athanasiinae
                                                Subtribe Cotulinae
                                                Subtribe Glebionidinae
                                                Subtribe Leucantheminae
                                                Subtribe Matricariinae
                                                Subtribe Santolininae
                                             Tribe Astereae
                                                Subtribe Asterinae
                                                Subtribe Baccharidinae
                                                Subtribe Chrysopsidinae
                                                Subtribe Conyzinae
                                                Subtribe Grangeinae
                                                Subtribe Hinterhuberinae
                                                Subtribe Machaerantherinae
                                                Subtribe Solidagininae
                                             Tribe Calenduleae
                                             Tribe Coreopsideae
                                             Tribe Eupatorieae
                                                Subtribe Ageratinae
                                                Subtribe Eupatoriinae
                                                Subtribe Liatrinae
                                                Subtribe Praxelinae
                                             Tribe Gnaphalieae
                                             Tribe Helenieae
                                             Tribe Heliantheae
                                                Subtribe Ambrosiinae
                                                Subtribe Ecliptinae
                                                Subtribe Enceliinae
                                                Subtribe Engelmanniinae
                                                Subtribe Helianthinae
                                                Subtribe Rudbeckiinae
                                                Subtribe Spilanthinae
                                                Subtribe Zinniinae
                                             Tribe Inuleae
                                             Tribe Millerieae
                                                Subtribe Dyscritothamninae
                                                Subtribe Galinsoginae
                                             Tribe Senecioneae
                                                Subtribe Othonninae
                                                Subtribe Senecioninae
                                                Subtribe Tussilagininae
                                             Tribe Tageteae
                                          Subfamily Carduoideae
                                                Subtribe Carduinae
                                                Subtribe Centaureinae
                                          Subfamily Cichorioideae
                                             Tribe Arctotideae
                                                Subtribe Arctotidinae
                                                Subtribe Gorteriinae
                                             Tribe Cichorieae
                                                Subtribe Cichoriinae
                                                Subtribe Crepidinae
                                                Subtribe Hieraciinae
                                                Subtribe Hyoseridinae
                                                Subtribe Hypochaeridinae
                                                Subtribe Lactucinae
                                                Subtribe Microseridinae
                                                Subtribe Scorzonerinae
                                             Tribe Vernonieae
                                                Subtribe Elephantopinae
                                                Subtribe Vernoniinae
                                          Subfamily Mutisioideae
                                       Family Campanulaceae
                                          Subfamily Campanuloideae
                                          Subfamily Lobelioideae
                                       Family Goodeniaceae
                        Order Brassicales
                                       Family Brassicaceae
                                             Tribe Brassiceae
                                             Tribe Cardamineae
                                             Tribe Thlaspideae
                                       Family Capparaceae
                                       Family Caricaceae
                                       Family Cleomaceae
                        Order Bruniales
                        Order Caryophyllales
                                       Family Aizoaceae
                                             Tribe Tetragonioideae
                                          Subfamily Ruschioideae
                                       Family Amaranthaceae
                                             Tribe Camphorosmeae
                                             Tribe Salicornieae
                                          Subfamily Amaranthoideae
                                          Subfamily Chenopodioideae
                                             Tribe Atripliceae
                                             Tribe Chenopodieae
                                             Tribe Dysphanieae
                                          Subfamily Gomphrenoideae
                                          Subfamily Salsoloideae
                                       Family Basellaceae
                                       Family Cactaceae
                                          Subfamily Cactoideae
                                             Tribe Cacteae
                                             Tribe Cereeae
                                             Tribe Hylocereeae
                                             Tribe Notocacteae
                                             Tribe Pachycereae
                                             Tribe Rhipsalideae
                                             Tribe Trichocereeae
                                          Subfamily Opuntioideae
                                             Tribe Austrocylindropuntieae
                                             Tribe Cylindropuntieae
                                             Tribe Opuntieae
                                          Subfamily Pereskioideae
                                       Family Caryophyllaceae
                                             Tribe Alsineae
                                          Subfamily Caryophylloideae
                                             Tribe Caryophylleae
                                             Tribe Sileneae
                                          Subfamily Paronychioideae
                                       Family Didiereaceae
                                       Family Droseraceae
                                       Family Montiaceae
                                       Family Nepenthaceae
                                       Family Nyctaginaceae
                                       Family Petiveriaceae
                                       Family Phytolaccaceae
                                       Family Plumbaginaceae
                                       Family Polygonaceae
                                          Subfamily Eriogonoideae
                                             Tribe Eriogoneae
                                          Subfamily Polygonoideae
                                             Tribe Persicarieae
                                             Tribe Polygoneae
                                                Subtribe Polygoninae
                                                Subtribe Reynoutriinae
                                             Tribe Rumiceae
                                       Family Tamaricaceae
                        Order Cornales
                                       Family Cornaceae
                                       Family Hydrangeaceae
                                       Family Loasaceae
                                       Family Nyssaceae
                        Order Cucurbitales
                                       Family Cucurbitaceae
                        Order Dipsacales
                                       Family Caprifoliaceae
                                          Subfamily Caprifolioideae
                                          Subfamily Diervilloideae
                                          Subfamily Dipsacoideae
                                          Subfamily Linnaeoideae
                                          Subfamily Valerianoideae
                                       Family Viburnaceae
                        Order Ericales
                                       Family Actinidiaceae
                                       Family Ebenaceae
                                       Family Ericaceae
                                          Subfamily Arbutoideae
                                          Subfamily Epacridoideae
                                          Subfamily Ericoideae
                                             Tribe Ericeae
                                             Tribe Phyllodoceae
                                          Subfamily Monotropoideae
                                          Subfamily Vaccinioideae
                                             Tribe Gaultherieae
                                             Tribe Lyonieae
                                             Tribe Vaccinieae
                                       Family Lecythidaceae
                                       Family Polemoniaceae
                                       Family Primulaceae
                                          Subfamily Myrsinoideae
                                          Subfamily Primuloideae
                                          Subfamily Theophrastoideae
                                       Family Sapotaceae
                                       Family Sarraceniaceae
                                       Family Styracaceae
                                       Family Theaceae
                        Order Fabales
                                             Tribe Polygaleae
                                       Family Fabaceae
                                          Subfamily Caesalpinioideae
                                          Subfamily Cercidoideae
                                          Subfamily Detarioideae
                                          Subfamily Faboideae
                                             Tribe Fabeae
                                             Tribe Phaseoleae
                                             Tribe Trifolieae
                                          Subfamily Mimosoideae
                                             Tribe Ingeae
                                             Tribe Mimoseae
                        Order Fagales
                                       Family Betulaceae
                                       Family Casuarinaceae
                                       Family Fagaceae
                                       Family Juglandaceae
                                       Family Myricaceae
                        Order Gentianales
                                       Family Apocynaceae
                                          Subfamily Apocynoideae
                                             Tribe Apocyneae
                                             Tribe Malouetieae
                                             Tribe Nerieae
                                          Subfamily Asclepiadoideae
                                             Tribe Asclepiadeae
                                                Subtribe Asclepiadinae
                                                Subtribe Cynanchinae
                                                Subtribe Oxypetalinae
                                             Tribe Ceropegieae
                                             Tribe Marsdenieae
                                          Subfamily Rauvolfioideae
                                                Subtribe Tabernaemontaninae
                                             Tribe Carisseae
                                             Tribe Plumerieae
                                                Subtribe Thevetiinae
                                             Tribe Vinceae
                                       Family Gentianaceae
                                             Tribe Chironieae
                                             Tribe Gentianeae
                                       Family Loganiaceae
                                       Family Rubiaceae
                                          Subfamily Cinchonoideae
                                          Subfamily Ixoroideae
                                             Tribe Coffeeae
                                             Tribe Gardenieae
                                             Tribe Mussaendeae
                                             Tribe Vanguerieae
                                          Subfamily Rubioideae
                                             Tribe Anthospermeae
                                             Tribe Knoxieae
                                             Tribe Palicoureeae
                                             Tribe Psychotrieae
                                             Tribe Rubieae
                                             Tribe Spermacoceae
                        Order Geraniales
                                       Family Francoaceae
                                       Family Geraniaceae
                        Order Gunnerales
                        Order Lamiales
                                       Family Acanthaceae
                                          Subfamily Acanthoideae
                                       Family Bignoniaceae
                                             Tribe Bignonieae
                                             Tribe Catalpeae
                                             Tribe Coleeae
                                             Tribe Crescentieae
                                             Tribe Tecomeae
                                       Family Gesneriaceae
                                          Subfamily Cyrtandroideae
                                          Subfamily Gesnerioideae
                                                Subtribe Columneinae
                                                Subtribe Gloxiniinae
                                       Family Lamiaceae
                                             Tribe Westringieae
                                          Subfamily Ajugoideae
                                          Subfamily Lamioideae
                                             Tribe Leonureae
                                             Tribe Leucadeae
                                             Tribe Marrubieae
                                             Tribe Phlomideae
                                             Tribe Stachydeae
                                             Tribe Synandreae
                                          Subfamily Nepetoideae
                                             Tribe Elsholtzieae
                                             Tribe Mentheae
                                                Subtribe Menthinae
                                                Subtribe Nepetinae
                                                Subtribe Salviinae
                                             Tribe Ocimeae
                                                Subtribe Ociminae
                                                Subtribe Plectranthinae
                                          Subfamily Scutellarioideae
                                          Subfamily Viticoideae
                                       Family Linderniaceae
                                       Family Oleaceae
                                       Family Orobanchaceae
                                             Tribe Buchnereae
                                             Tribe Pedicularideae
                                       Family Pedaliaceae
                                       Family Phrymaceae
                                       Family Plantaginaceae
                                             Tribe Angelonieae
                                             Tribe Antirrhineae
                                             Tribe Cheloneae
                                             Tribe Digitalideae
                                             Tribe Veroniceae
                                       Family Scrophulariaceae
                                             Tribe Aptosimeae
                                             Tribe Buddlejeae
                                             Tribe Hemimerideae
                                             Tribe Leucophylleae
                                             Tribe Limoselleae
                                             Tribe Myoporeae
                                             Tribe Scrophularieae
                                             Tribe Teedieae
                                       Family Stilbaceae
                                       Family Verbenaceae
                                             Tribe Duranteae
                                             Tribe Lantaneae
                                             Tribe Verbeneae
                        Order Laurales
                                       Family Lauraceae
                        Order Magnoliales
                                       Family Annonaceae
                                       Family Magnoliaceae
                        Order Malpighiales
                                          Subfamily Linoideae
                                       Family Achariaceae
                                       Family Clusiaceae
                                       Family Euphorbiaceae
                                       Family Hypericaceae
                                       Family Malpighiaceae
                                       Family Ochnaceae
                                       Family Passifloraceae
                                             Tribe Passifloreae
                                          Subfamily Turneroideae
                                       Family Phyllanthaceae
                                       Family Salicaceae
                                       Family Violaceae
                        Order Malvales
                                       Family Cistaceae
                                       Family Malvaceae
                                          Subfamily Bombacoideae
                                          Subfamily Byttnerioideae
                                          Subfamily Dombeyoideae
                                          Subfamily Grewioideae
                                          Subfamily Malvoideae
                                             Tribe Gossypieae
                                             Tribe Hibisceae
                                             Tribe Malveae
                                          Subfamily Sterculioideae
                                       Family Thymelaeaceae
                        Order Myrtales
                                       Family Combretaceae
                                       Family Lythraceae
                                       Family Melastomataceae
                                             Tribe Melastomeae
                                             Tribe Miconieae
                                       Family Myrtaceae
                                             Tribe Eucalypteae
                                             Tribe Leptospermeae
                                             Tribe Myrteae
                                       Family Onagraceae
                        Order Nymphaeales
                        Order Oxalidales
                                       Family Cunoniaceae
                                       Family Elaeocarpaceae
                                       Family Oxalidaceae
                        Order Piperales
                                       Family Aristolochiaceae
                                       Family Piperaceae
                                       Family Saururaceae
                        Order Proteales
                                       Family Proteaceae
                        Order Ranunculales
                                       Family Berberidaceae
                                          Subfamily Berberidoideae
                                                Subtribe Epimediinae
                                       Family Menispermaceae
                                       Family Papaveraceae
                                          Subfamily Fumarioideae
                                          Subfamily Papaveroideae
                                       Family Ranunculaceae
                                          Subfamily Ranunculoideae
                                             Tribe Actaeeae
                                             Tribe Anemoneae
                                             Tribe Delphinieae
                                             Tribe Ranunculeae
                                          Subfamily Thalictroideae
                        Order Rosales
                                       Family Cannabaceae
                                       Family Elaeagnaceae
                                       Family Moraceae
                                       Family Rhamnaceae
                                       Family Rosaceae
                                          Subfamily Amygdaloideae
                                             Tribe Kerrieae
                                             Tribe Maleae
                                             Tribe Neillieae
                                             Tribe Spiraeeae
                                          Subfamily Rosoideae
                                             Tribe Agrimonieae
                                                Subtribe Agrimoniinae
                                                Subtribe Sanguisorbinae
                                             Tribe Colurieae
                                             Tribe Potentilleae
                                                Subtribe Fragariinae
                                                Subtribe Potentillinae
                                       Family Ulmaceae
                                       Family Urticaceae
                        Order Santalales
                                       Family Loranthaceae
                                       Family Santalaceae
                                             Tribe Visceae
                        Order Sapindales
                                       Family Anacardiaceae
                                          Subfamily Anacardioideae
                                          Subfamily Spondiadoideae
                                       Family Burseraceae
                                       Family Meliaceae
                                       Family Rutaceae
                                             Tribe Diosmeae
                                       Family Sapindaceae
                                       Family Simaroubaceae
                        Order Saxifragales
                                       Family Crassulaceae
                                          Subfamily Kalanchoideae
                                          Subfamily Sempervivoideae
                                       Family Haloragaceae
                                       Family Hamamelidaceae
                                       Family Saxifragaceae
                        Order Solanales
                                       Family Convolvulaceae
                                             Tribe Convolvuleae
                                             Tribe Cresseae
                                             Tribe Dichondreae
                                             Tribe Ipomoeeae
                                       Family Solanaceae
                                          Subfamily Cestroideae
                                          Subfamily Petunioideae
                                          Subfamily Solanoideae
                                             Tribe Capsiceae
                                             Tribe Datureae
                                             Tribe Physaleae
                                             Tribe Solandreae
                                             Tribe Solaneae
                        Order Zygophyllales
                                       Family Zygophyllaceae
                                          Subfamily Larreoideae
                                          Subfamily Tribuloideae
                                          Subfamily Zygophylloideae
   Kingdom Protozoa
      Phylum Mycetozoa
                        Order Physarales
                                       Family Didymiaceae
                                       Family Physaraceae
   Kingdom Viruses
      Phylum Pisuviricota

Publicado el diciembre 13, 2022 10:52 TARDE por jeanphilippeb jeanphilippeb


Amazing 😍

Publicado por belsun hace más de 1 año

It's a pretty ingenious idea. I will be watching curiously.

Publicado por arboretum_amy hace más de 1 año

That is a great approach, and I expect this to become especially helpful after larger bioblitz events, such as the City Nature Challenge.
Are you planning to provide a regular updated overview for those taxa already covered in a project?

Would it be reasonable to create umbrella projects for larger taxa such as 'plants', including all sub-projects? So that botanists could use that umbrella project to search for all possible unkown plants in a specific location (e.g. a CNC area)

Publicado por carnifex hace más de 1 año

Are you planning to provide a regular updated overview for those taxa already covered in a project?

Technically, the most efficient would be to create all remaining projects (300, or 400) approximately at the same time (a long week-end, maybe!), so that every observation (already in cache or just downloaded) can be treated once and definitively, by putting it in one project, then forgetting about it (besides identifying it).

This means that my software would not need anymore to manage a local cache at all! (Provided I renounce to identify observations using it). Simplifying the software could also help to distribute it. If this initiative goes its way, I imagine that my iNat account will not suffice to populate the projects. (It takes already too much time).

Meanwhile, of course, if you wish something in particular, just tell me and I do it with pleasure, as I have just done for spiders:

Don't be surprised if I create 3 or 10 projects when you ask only for 1. Observations pushed to 1 project will not be moved later to 10 different projects, so better to put them in 10 projects from the beginning. (Just in case a person, later, gets interested in only 1 of these 10 [sub-]projects).

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

Would it be reasonable to create umbrella projects for larger taxa such as 'plants', including all sub-projects?
Technically, it is useless, provided that enough projects are planned in advance.

If you wish to review all Araneae, no need of an umbrella project, just combine the IDs of the 3 projects containing Araneae observations in a single search URL.
Use this link (every project will have such links to help you):

Identify observations without id.:
‑ in project,
‑ in project and all sub-projects.
       <-- This link is an "umbrella" for 3 projects.

Whatever you would like to do with these 3 projects together, append this to the URL of your page of interest (explore page, identify page, ...) :

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

Sample of a project description generated by software:

Family Fabaceae observations without id. (or high rank id.).

Identify observations without id.:
‑ in project,
‑ in project and sub-projects,
‑ in project and all sub-projects recursively.

Identify observations with high rank id.:
‑ in project,
‑ in project and sub-projects,
‑ in project and all sub-projects recursively.

Parent projects: Fabales, Magnoliopsida, Tracheophyta, Plantae, Life.

Sub-projects: Caesalpinioideae, Cercidoideae, Detarioideae, Faboideae, Mimosoideae.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

Then, getting down to the subproject for Faboideae:

Subfamily Faboideae observations without id. (or high rank id.).

Identify observations without id.:
‑ in project,
‑ in project and all sub-projects.

Identify observations with high rank id.:
‑ in project,
‑ in project and all sub-projects.

Parent projects: Fabaceae, Fabales, Magnoliopsida, Tracheophyta, Plantae, Life.

Sub-projects: Fabeae, Phaseoleae, Trifolieae.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

After a bioblitz of observations, we would need a push-to-projects-blitz either.
This also requires that I distribute a software as simple as possible, to people agreeing to share the effort.

Not exactly volunteer computing, but volunteer iNat API access sharing.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

@arboretum_amy @belsun @carnifex @dallon @deboas @dianastuder @egordon88 @jf920 @marina_gorbunova @wthompson23

I ended up creating 1000 projects (see above), covering the whole taxonomy. This means that every observation without identification (in particular those with the quality grade "Needs ID") is able to be pushed to one of these phylogenetic projects.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

The more projects there is, the easiest to manage it will be in the future. Adding more projects later would be more work and risk of inconsistency than creating many from the start. (Note that the initial cost for populating the projects is exactly the same: 1 API request for pushing 1 observation to 1 project. This cost is completely independant from the number of projects available).

Reasons for avoiding to add new subprojects in the future:
• Projects and subprojects are linked. Each project has an "umbrella link" for identifying all observations in the project and its subprojects. This consistency must be maintained and adding one subproject requires to update all its parent projects.
• To keep things clean, an observation is pushed to only one project. I don't want people complaining about adding their observations to several phylogenetic projects at the same time. Idem for people using these projects for identifying.
• When adding a new subproject, some observations are not just pushed to the new subproject, they have to be moved, as a consequence of the previous point.
• Moving observations from a project to a new subproject requires ressources.
• Enabling moving observations from a project to another one potentially makes the whole system more sensitive to transient computer vision bugs (see this bug).

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

That is awesome! Excited to take a deep dive.
Is the overview list of all covered taxa only to be found in this journal post?
Might be helpful to get a link from each project and sub-project back to this post here, if that would be possible

Publicado por carnifex hace más de 1 año

I added a link to this post in the description of some of the highest rank projects.

Each project has links to all its parents and some of the parents now have a link to this post. It would be too much work to edit again all projects to add the link in all of them.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

Great, thanks! Wasn't sure if this could be automated somehow - but if going back to higher ranks will eventually lead to the link, that's already a fine improvement

Publicado por carnifex hace más de 1 año

Big + idea but
Dear Jean-Philippe, some time ago i had a lot observatiohs of Moths in Bulgaria.But now we created several different projects for Bulgaria Lepidoptera:
The Butterflies of BULGARIA RG
Lepidoptera of BULGARIA (NEEDS ID)
Moths of BULGARIA 1 Noctuoidea RG
Moths of BULGARIA 2 "Geometroidea" RG
Moths of BULGARIA 3 "Drepanoidea, Lasiocampoidea and Bombycoidea" RG
Moths of BULGARIA 4 (Crambidae, Pyralidae, Cossidae, Tortricidae and others)
Moths of BULGARIA 5 Burnet's, Clearwings, Plumes and others
Lepidoptera of BULGARIA (LARVA)

and experts are hardly working to ID.
But in you UNKNOWN project my ID-ed observations
are still included in the project as UNKNOWN, I checked and see that those observations already ID-ed and many of them even have RG level.
Can you periodically automatically check the status of observations contained in your project and remove from it those observations that no longer require identification?
Thus, your project will not overflow too.
Thank you.
P.S. At the same time, I find the idea of such a project extremely useful.

Publicado por katya hace más de 1 año

Thank you for your feedback!

By now, I don't plan to remove observations from the "phylogenetic projects":

Anyway, identified observations can be filtered out, as one wishes.
Some people have confirmed they prefer to let observations in the projects for using the projects statistics.
Not removing them spares server ressources.

Removing an observation from a project, has a cost, as it also requires an API request.

I don't say we will never do it, but without other persons running (collaboratively) the same software on a regular basis (~everyday), I won't do it.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

Thank you for explanation)

Publicado por katya hace más de 1 año

This is about projects for sorting the "unknown" observations based on the computer vision suggestions. With these projects, you can directly focus on your preferred taxa, instead of browsing all the "unknown" observations in search for what you can identify.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

This is about projects for sorting the "unknown" observations based on the computer vision suggestions. With these projects, you can directly focus on your preferred taxa, instead of browsing all the "unknown" observations in search for what you can identify.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

3 umbrella projects for grouping all phylogenetic projects:

I had to do this for filtering out observations already in a phylogenetic project.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

Summary posted here in the forum:

All my projects are biased with regard to places, because I started downloading observations 2 years ago, country by country and state by state, and recently I added all observations I add in cache into projects. Moreover, I have focused recently on Southern Africa.

There is no bias only with observations that have no identifications and that "needs ID":
All these observations, older than 1 month, have been checked and have been pushed to one of the yellow or blue projects.

The yellow projects are phylogenetic projects (about 1,000 projects) and a few non-phylogenetic projects (Trees of Southern Africa 1 and 2, Pre-Maverick).
This journal post provides the list of all phylogenetic projects.

And there are 3 umbrella projects for grouping all phylogenetic projects (for filtering, or statistics):

The blue projects contain observations that cannot be added to traditional projects or that I decided to exclude from the yellow projects (editorial choice):

And there is this umbrella blue project:

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

Consider also checking observation in the Pre-Maverick project, based on a concept from @dianastuder . It is generally easy to make the identification of these observations progress, either by a direct identification that will move the Community Taxon to a lower rank, or by asking for help.

Pre-Maverick observations are observations that can become Maverick with one more identification. They usually have a 1st identification and a 2nd and 3rd ones that disagree with the 1st one. If the resulting Community Taxon is a high rank taxon, they go to the limbo where experts will never find them.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

Thanks a lot for the feedback! It helps figuring out if there are used.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace más de 1 año

The iNaturalist Staff asked me to delete the "User has opted-out of Community Taxon (Collection)" project. For simplicity, I did it without discussion. This is motivated by a few complaints about this project from people it lists who feel targeted.

As a technical consequence, I suspend my activity for populating the "Unknown / ..." projects (see: ). I chose not to add "opted-out" observations to these projects and it can't be done efficiently without the "opted-out" project. Until a new feature is available for filtering "opted-out" observations. (A technical review of this feature is on-going).

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace alrededor de 1 año

Do you feel that strongly regarding opted out observations being in the projects? Personally I feel it's better to have opted-out observations in the projects than to cease populating the projects.

Publicado por arboretum_amy hace alrededor de 1 año

I am not sure about this choice (it is for the people using these projects, not for me) (I use only one of these projects). Anyway, there are already many observations in these projects. We will see if/when the new feature comes.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace alrededor de 1 año

I have found your yellow label projects a useful suggestion for - may be in this taxon. Especially when it supports my own - I think it is ...
We have 400 new plants in the latest CV update - in part I am sure, from your various projects.

I wonder why iNat chooses to defend the Opted Outs against identifiers? It is those who choose opted out for all their obs that make life more difficult for everyone else. On an obs by obs basis it can make sense, if the observer keeps up with relevant notifications.

Opted Outs get to waste identifier's time and effort. While identifiers learn to check first, opted out? Mark as Reviewed and Next!

Publicado por dianastuder hace alrededor de 1 año

@dianastuder Have you brought this up in the forum?

Publicado por jeremygilmore hace alrededor de 1 año

Came here from jp's comment on the 'opted outs' forum post.

We need better support for identifiers from iNat.
Without active and competent identifiers, iNat will be for pretty pictures like Instagram.

Publicado por dianastuder hace alrededor de 1 año

They'd be a great help for cleaning up after the City Nature Challenges. They make it easier to get large numbers of observations to genus level (or better) quite quickly.

Publicado por oxalismtp hace alrededor de 1 año

Ohhhh this is so cool!

Publicado por lisa_bennett hace alrededor de 1 año

I am in complete awe right now. Let's see what I can do to help.

Publicado por darineugenius hace 11 meses

3rd december 2023
Projects have not been updated for 8 months, for the reason mentioned above.
See staff response to the feature request Implement a new filter for observations that opt out of community ID.

I'm starting to populate the projects again.
From now on "opted-out" observations will be added to these projects.

Current number of observations in these projects:
A...I: 330,681 observations.
J...S: 536,153 observations.
T...Z: 94,911 observations.
Total: 961,745 observations.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace 6 meses


I got several of my observations, the ones I just added out of curiosity with no hope of identifying them myself, added to these projects. It was a really wonderful feeling to get a notification about them, I was not sure if they're useless or "junk" observations altogether, and suddenly they're "followed up on" in this way. Thank you so much!

For example drives me insane (not acutely or continuously, but I really have no idea) because I wonder if someone could just be splashing grey paint into a tree (and why on earth would they), but having you tag it as a potential Ascomycota gives me a lead and something to read up on, and most notably a feeling that maybe it IS something. I'm also positively amazed at landing in Unknown/Polyphaga, I thought it has to be a dried plant and took a picture because it was weird and I love weird things, now I want to find more of those!.

I tried to figure out from your described method-of-analysis if it would make sense for me to tag a possible group-level ID on the observations based on what project you tagged them in, or if it's best to wait for someone watching the project to have a look. If you have any advice for us mini-bioblitzers on what to do when we see observations tagged so that we can provide the most support for our wisers, please drop a note.

Meanwhile, thank you again! This has brought much happiness. :)

Publicado por sudenkorentoko hace 5 meses

Thanks a lot for your feedback! These projects are intended to help identifiers find observations without ID that are likely to match their taxa of interest (instead of having to review all observations without ID, in search for what they are interested in).

Submit an ID if you think the observation does match this ID. The yellow tag might help you, but you need to check on your own if you agree with the ID suggested. Sometimes, your ID may be more precise than the ID suggested, sometimes your ID may be broader that the ID suggested, or may be completely different.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace 5 meses

If you are uncertain - you can leave the yellow banner ID as a comment - to prompt the next identifier (who may not yet know about the projects)

Publicado por dianastuder hace 5 meses

21st January 2024

Run completed!
2 months spent (dec-jan) to populate the projects with 294,640 more observations without ID, appeared over the last 10 months (apr-jan).
(Limited to 10,000 API requests/day = 5,000 C.V. requests + 5,000 "add to project" requests).

Current number of observations in these projects:
A...I: 434,013 observations.
J...S: 704,050 observations.
T...Z: 118,322 observations.
Total: 1,256,385 observations.

Publicado por jeanphilippeb hace 4 meses

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